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The Smokin Tabacco x CFCF Fundraiser Raffle Extended & More

May 6, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco

First off, I want to thank everyone who has donated or contributed in anyway to our fundraiser for the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation. It has been just an extreme honor to be involved in some way. At the time of this publishing we have raised $9,515 dollars. Last year, we raised $7,000. We wanted to hit $10,000 this year and it looks as if we will pass that too.

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Last Friday, we held a special Fuente Friday show with Cynthia joining us with her friend JJ, who has been close to CFCF since the beginning. He came on and told us more about the origins of the foundation and what his experience has been like. You can watch that show below.

On this weeks show recorded last night, we welcomed Jay R. Davis of Blue Smoke of Dallas and a board member of the PCA. In addition to everything we spoke about with Jay regarding Blue Smoke of Dallas and his time on the board, Jay also talked about his incredible experience with the CFCF foundation and shared some of his stories of going down and meeting some of the children and their families and how special that is when you see it. Carlito Fuente also stopped in and made an appearance on the show to say hello and express gratitude for all the love and support to the foundation.

Jay has also been a huge supporter of our fundraiser donating a Daniel Marshall 38th Anniversary set to the raffle and for making a $1,500 donation, the largest donation so far. You can watch that episode below as well.

While the fundraiser has been scheduled to end at 7PM EST on Tuesday May 10th, we received a call from the Fuente family who were so amazed by what has been done that Carlito and Cynthia Fuente asked us if we would consider extending the event another two weeks. In addition, they have pledged that at the end through the Fuente Family Foundation (separate from CFCF) they will match the final total.

The new end date for the fundraiser will now be Tuesday May 24th at 7PM EST. There will be also at that time be a live show where the winners will be announced on the air and some special guests will be joining us to celebrate.

We have also been told there will be more prizes donated from the Fuente family in addition to what they have already donated. We will share what those items are as soon as we have that information available. Thank you again to everyone who has donated and/or otherwise contributed. It means so much to so many people. We look forward to seeing how this wraps up! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the fundraiser.

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