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Gurkha Year of the Dragon green artwork with yellow dragons
Gurkha Year of the Dragon green artwork with yellow dragons

Cigar Releases

Fratello Cigars Unveils Second Installment in Concealed Carry Program: The Detroit River

July 12, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
Fratello Cigars announced the second chapter in its exclusive Concealed Carry program, the Detroit River, set to begin shipping to select retailers on July 15, 2024. Read more

Meerapfel Adds Two New Sizes to Meir Line

July 11, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
Today, Meerapfel Cigar announced the addition of two new sizes to their Meir line which debuted back in 2022. Read more

Guy Fieri, Espinosa, & Cigar Dojo Team Up to Launch “Knuckle Sandwich Strike Force” Cigar

July 9, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
Guy Fieri’s fan-favorite Knuckle Sandwich brand expands its footprint in the craft cigar scene with its first-ever collaborative release, combining forces with Cigar Dojo, Espinosa Premium Cigars, and Smoke Inn Cigars with the new Knuckle Sandwich Strike Force cigar. Read more

JR Cigar Announces Next Crafted By JR Release with Aganorsa

July 9, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
JR Cigar has announced the launch of Crafted By JR: Aganorsa Leaf, the latest addition to its Crafted By JR series. Read more

Black Label Trading Company Ships Bishops Blend

July 8, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
Black Label Trading Company announced today they have begun shipping Bishops Blend to select retailers beginning next week.  Read more

Plasencia Cigars Ships Alma Del Campo Box-Pressed Guajiro

July 2, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
Plasencia Cigars has announced the Plasencia Alma Del Campo new box-pressed vitola, Guajiro 5 ½ x 54, is on the way to stores across the nation. Read more

Miami Cigar & Co. Ships Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve

June 30, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
Miami Cigar & Co. announced this week that the limited-edition Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve 2024 is now shipping. Read more

E.P. Carrillo Announces US Release of Encore Noir with Event at Two Guys Smoke Shop

June 30, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
E.P. Carrillo announced today the United States release of Encore Noir with Exclusive Event at Two Guys Smoke Shop featuring Jorge Luis Fernandez Maique. Read more

C.L.E. Cigar Company Announces Eiroa Exclusivo Regionales Bulgaria

June 26, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
C.L.E. Cigar Company announced today that the country of Bulgaria was chosen for the first ever C.L.E. Cigar Company Exclusivo Regionales. Read more

Sans Pareil Releases Gold Line

June 24, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
Sans Pareil has announced the re-launch of their exclusive Gold Line, headlined by the eagerly awaited cigar, Jeddo, which heads to stores in late June. Read more

Davidoff Announces Grand Cru Diademas Finas Limited Edition Collection

June 20, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
Davidoff Cigars will conclude its “Cigar History Re-Rolled" series with an innovation that will go down in the history of the brand. Read more

C.L.E. Ships Asylum April Fools’ 2024 “Year of the Dragon”

June 19, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
C.L.E. Cigar Company announces that the Asylum April Fools’ 2024 “Year of the Dragon” is now shipping. Asylum April Fools’ 2024 Year of the Dragon is the fourth in this series of cigars. Read more

Joya de Nicaragua Expands Distribution of Beloved Clásico Original

June 19, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
Joya de Nicaragua announced the return of the Clásico Original to the US market, initially as an exclusive for Club de Amigos, a community of JDN's elite retailers. Since its launch, it's become a hot topic among cigar shops, praised as one of the most sought-after cigars due to its unbeatable price-to-quality relation. Read more

Crowned Heads Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Las Calaveras

June 19, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
Crowned Heads has announced its latest installment to their highly sought-after and eagerly anticipated annual Las Calaveras series, Las Calaveras EL 2024, along with a release to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the brand, Las Calaveras Décimo Aniversario. Read more

Plasencia to Release Alma del Fuego Ometepe Edicion Limitada

June 19, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
Plasencia 1865 has announced the release of the Alma del Fuego Ometepe Edición Limitada. This blend is the first of its kind, as it is the only cigar that has a wrapper made with tobacco from Ometepe. Read more

Altadis U.S.A. Launches Saint Luis Rey Carenas Ultramar.

June 19, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
The Saint Luis Rey Carenas line, first launched in 2021, is expanding with a new extra-aged blend – Saint Luis Rey Carenas Ultramar. Read more
Open Cigar Box Lunatic Firecracker

Lunatic Firecracker Heads to Stores

June 9, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
The 2024 Limited Edition Lunatic Firecracker is has begun shipping to stores in time for the Fourth of July, offering cigar enthusiasts a rare opportunity to savor a one-of-a-kind smoking experience. Read more

E.P. Carrillo Adds Salomon Size to Pledge of Allegiance

June 6, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
E.P. Carrillo announced today the addition of the exclusive Pledge of Allegiance Salomon cigar to their distinguished collection. Read more

Ferio Tego Adds Toro Vitola to Summa Line

June 5, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
One year after its debut, Ferio Tego is adding a toro format to their award-winning Summa Blend. Read more

La Aurora Announces Best Sellers Sampler

June 1, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
La Aurora has announced the Best Sellers 2024 Sampler Pack. The 2024 Sampler Pack offers aficionados a curated selection of ten top-rated cigars, showcasing the best-selling blends from La Aurora. Read more