The Smokin Tabacco Show: Pairing Toscano Cigars With Michael Cappellini!

April 19, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco

On this episode we welcome back Michael Cappellini of Toscano cigars to the show to host a virtual pairing episode with all of us. The first pairing is a Toscano Garibaldi with the “Godfather” drink – equal parts half and half of bourbon and amaretto. Michael then walks us through a few different methods of combining the two – ending with a smoke out of the drink with your cigar smoke which we HIGHLY recommend.

The second pairing was a Stillnovo with a Negroni and an Aperol Spritz. Again, the same methods used and it really brings out the flavor in both the cigar and the alcohol in their own ways. In the news we discussed some of the CRA’s recent behavior and how it should be cleaned up for a brighter future. You can read that story here –

We will be doing another pairing episode soon with Michael again so stay tuned for that info. Also the raffle for CFCF is still live and raffle tickets can be purchased in the link below. As always, don’t forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!

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