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Tabacalera William Ventura Burns Down in the Dominican

September 26, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco

Earlier today, news came that a fire broke out in Zona Franca La Palma area of Tamboril, Dominican Republic. Tabacalera William Ventura and Intercigar S.A. burned completely to the ground in the very early morning hours. The TWV factory was home to multiple brands such as ADVentura, Room101, Caldwell, Bellatto, Freud Cigar Company and more. It is still unclear what started the fire, but nothing was salvageable. The fire also caused cause for concern over spreading to other notable factories withing its proximity such as PDR Cigars, makers of many different brands including their own under the leadership of Abe Flores and Tabacalera Palma – home of Jochy Blanco and La Galera.

A statement from Marcel Knobel of ADV & McKay Cigars Co. shared earlier said:

“It is with a heavy heart we inform you that Tabacalera William Ventura burned down this morning. We don’t have any information as to the cause of the fire, but thankfully no injuries to report. Nothing is salvageable, but we are grateful our current inventory in the USA and many countries around the world is strong. We will move production to the former TWV factory. We are working tirelessly to keep up with workflow, but rest assured we will be back stronger than ever. We acknowledge we have suffered a great loss, but our commitment to excellence is our sole focus. We are broken-hearted for the TWV family, but both their and our commitment to create the best cigars will not be compromised. We ask but one favor of the cigar community, please be patient with us. Please be patient with all of the retailers who carry the products we produce. We need your support now more than ever. “

As for Henderson Ventura, he said:

“I’m a factory owner. I’m a blender. I am a father, and I am a son and have many responsibilities to my family, however, right now my focus is our clients and the consumers. Much love and respect to everyone and thank you for your patience with us during this difficult time.”

There will be more to come from this and when more information is available, we will share that with you. This is going to provide many complications to all the brands and the cigars they had made in these factories moving forward. This is a developing story. Photos provided by ADVentura.

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