Summer Smokes: What Have I Been Smoking?

July 7, 2020 By Matthew Tabacco

Summer is now in full swing, and despite being locked down the last few months, I have been able to still have a steady flow of smokes. I spent a lot of time trying new cigar brands; mostly smaller companies that are trying to get their names out in the world, but also some newer sticks and classics from heavy hitters. This year I thought I would put together a top five of my all time summer favorites. If you know me personally, this list might take you by surprise.

Have your own top five? Comment them below or send me a message and I might just shout it out live on The Smokin Tabacco Show!

5) Partagas Serie E No. 2

When it comes to Cuban cigars everyone is always talking about Cohiba, Montecristo etc. However, I have found a special affinity for Partagas- specifically the Serie E No. 2. This toro sized cigar is phenomenal, giving a great flavor complexity and an abundance of smoke production. It is always on my list when sourcing out my Cuban cigar selection.

4) Micallef Experencia La Crem

As some of you might know I am one of the newest Micallef Cigar Ambassadors, but I have just been in love with the Micallef Experencia La Crem. It is a great medium bodied, rich and sweet cigar I love to light up in the evening after dinner. I usually smoke the Robusto size which I find to be very satisfying and smooth.

3) Nova Platinum Batch Robusto

This sweet tipped Connecticut shade is a great summer cigar. It is very light, smooth and creamy, plus it pairs well with so many beverages, including coffee and wine. The females in my life absolutely adore smoking these and we always have plenty on hand! #MakeNovaBig

2) Perdomo Lot 23 Sun Grown Toro

This cigar is only one of the many Perdomos that I have been smoking- but I seem to keep going back to the Lot 23 again and again! Perdomo makes my favorite Sun Grown tobacco and it comes to no surprise they made my favorite list. In addition to the 20th, the ESV and Habano Sun Growns, the Lot 23 is a truly unique blend that never disappoints. I look forward to smoking this cigar on the actual Lot 23 in Nicaragua next year when I go to visit the factory!

1) Atabey Delirios

While everyone knows that I smoke a large amount of high end cigars, this might not be what you expected for my top summer cigar. But hey, I call the shots here at Smokin Tabacco! When I am looking for a really speacial treat when I smoke, I choose one of Nelson Alfonso’s Atabey Delirios. This has to be one of the greatest cigars of all time and it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. If you live near a United Cigars authorized dealer get down there and demand this cigar, it won’t disappoint!!

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