Stogie Press Announces “The Climb for Autism”

February 2, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco



Boston Jimmie, as many of you know him, is the founder of another media site known as Stogie Press. Jimmy has announced that he will also be doing some charitable efforts this year. Jimmie and his son Dominic will be climbing Mt. Fuji in Japan later this year in July. Jimmie says this stemmed from a promise he made to his son that the two would embark on this courageous endeavor once Dominic obtained his PhD.

However, as part of this trip, Jimmie said that he and Dominic have decided to raise money for Autism Speaks, a charity that through the years, have worked tirelessly to provide crucial autism research, advocacy, services and support to help people with autism and those who support them thrive. Dominic’s PhD was in neurobiological research at Vanderbilt University focused on the autism spectrum. His research made some interesting discoveries that may very well be used in future research and helping to find new drug pathways in the brain to treat this condition.

“Glial phagocytosis of neurons and myelin is an essential component of a healthy nervous system. Disrupting this process through reducing or accelerating engulfment can be deleterious and is often associated with developmental (autism) and degenerative (Alzheimer’s) disease states. My longstanding goal is to understand the fundamental biology controlling glial engulfment events and apply these insights to therapeutic development.” says Jimmie’s son, Dr. Dominic Vita.

This father and son duo is asking folks to consider donating money to this wonderful cause and pledge whatever you can, if you can. You can do so by visiting this link here. You can donate anonymously or if you want your name to be known include that as well. As part of this campaign, whoever donates the most money, regardless of if it’s an individual, a group, or a company, we will get a picture taken at the top of the mountain as the sun rises over Japan, celebrating them being the top of the heap. All others will be put into a random drawing for the four other levels where we will also take a photo. Each photo will include a branded shirt, flag, or even a cigar, to represent their contribution and participation in this fundraising opportunity.

The campaign will run from now until early July and the climb will happen on July 13 and 14th 2023. The whole event will be covered in photos and an article that will be published on Stogie Press to document the journey up Mt. Fuji. Everyone at Smokin Tabacco wishes the Vitas good luck on their journey and with their campaign to raise money for a noble cause.

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