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Spare Notes Series #23: LFD NFT and Liana Fuente Leaves Arturo Fuente??

August 24, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco

The Spare Notes Series is brought to you by Drew Estate: The Rebirth of Cigars

On this episode, Matt and Coop talk about the ongoing La Flor Dominicana NFT auctions including how much they have sold for and some of the people who have been bidding and even won. They also ask, “So what happens when this is over?” Many are waiting to see what the retailers who plan to sell the limited-edition cigars will sell them for when this is all said and done.

The other really hot topic this week is the news that Liana Fuente will be leaving Arturo Fuente. Liana hasn’t said where she is going or what she plans to do but that she is ready for a change. A few ideas are discussed, and the possibility of a return someday is open. Tune in this weekend for ANOTHER episode of Spare Notes and don’t forget to hit the LIKE & SUBSCRIBE buttons!

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