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Say Hello To The Big Ash Box from Big Ashes Cigars

March 8, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco



There is a new cigar site in town and it goes by the name of Big Ashes Cigars. What makes this one different however is that it is not just cigars you’ll receive in your shipment, there will be BBQ seasonings and accessories as well. At least by way of their hottest item, one big box full of barbecue and cigars.

It is called “The Big Ash Box” and it costs $100. The boxes go on sale about every six weeks. Every box will come with seven cigars from three brands. Most of these brands will be smaller boutique brands however Ashley told us that there may be some bigger name brands in there from time to time. The box will also feature a small batch BBQ seasoning, rub or a sauce. Your purchase of the Big Ash Box also includes access to three live virtual zoom events.



To give you an example what the Big Ash Box looks like, here is the line up from their website:

  • 7 unique cigar blends

  • 1 (13oz) small batch beef rub seasoning from Yoder Smokers

  • 1 BBQ recipe card

  • 2 Live Virtual Cigar Events*

  • 1 Live Virtual BBQ Event w/ cigars*

  • Chance to win awesome giveaways, such as:

    • Set of Yoder Smokers Leather BBQ Gloves

    • $100 gift card to CreekStone Farms

    • 25 pack Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills

    • Jealous Devil charcoal or BBQ pellets

When asked where this idea came from, owner Ashley told us this:

“I’ve been smoking cigars for about a decade. Over the last couple years I really focused on finding hidden gem boutique brands and sharing them on Instagram and with my friends. My other passion is cooking, specifically barbeque so I wanted to create a box that highlights the things I’m most passionate about. I only make 100 of each run for sale so that the zoom component is an intimate experience where everyone can be friends.”

This is truly unique model and something fresh for the cigar industry. Something that can really encapsulate a setting and provides a pairing that is different from the usual cigar-liqour combo. I love barbecue as well and this is something I can definitely get behind. If you want to check out more or sign up to subscribe head over to

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