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Quality Importers Unveils Electronic Humidor Supreme Humidors

December 15, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco
9000 Series HS Electronic Humidors

Quality Importers has unveiled the Humidor Supreme Electronic Humidors, offered in two spacious sizes. Crafted and tailored with the cigar enthusiast in mind, the electronic humidor’s digital control panel is intuitive, and the overall design requires only minimal maintenance, allowing more time for aficionados to savor their cigars.

The user-friendly digital control panel demonstrates a thoughtful design, making it a breeze for cigar enthusiasts to maintain the perfect conditions for their prized cigars. The large easy access water reservoir and straightforward temperature & humidity adjustments ensure a hassle-free experience. Users only need to add distilled water to the reservoir and adjust to the desired temperature & humidity levels – set it and forget it! The digital control panel is easy to operate and read, while the self-regulating air-cooling circulation ensures optimal storage conditions. Maintenance is minimal – just clean the water reservoir once every two months.

“The best thing about these electronic humidors is that the cigar smoker has more time to enjoy their cigars than ever before—no hassle, no mess, it’s easy to install and maintain. Add water to mid-level, set it, and clean it every other month; it’s that simple,” said Jimmy Miudo, Executive Vice President of Product Design, Sourcing, and Business Intelligence at Quality Importers.

The HS-9000 and HS-9100 models are loaded with an impressive array of features, from double-pane UV-protected glass doors to Spanish Cedar drawers with a tasteful tobacco leaf cut-out design. The inclusion of pull-out shelves, interior LED lighting, a lock and key set, recessed handles, and adjustable leveling feet showcase meticulous attention to detail.

The imposing Humidor Supreme HS-9000, with its spacious dimensions of 24.4” W x 27” D x 75.6” H |600 x 686 x 1920mm and substantial cigar storage capacity accommodates between 2000 to 2500 cigars. The humidor can fit under doors, pass through hallways, and is easily installed at a retail price of $3799.99.

The HS-9100 offers a more compact option, 24.2” W x 22.8” D x 49.6” H | 615 x 579 x 260mm, storing between 1000 to 1500 cigars. Both models offer efficient organization with pull-out drawers to organize your loose cigars and shelves for box storage, making it a delight for cigar connoisseurs to curate and display their collections. HS-9100 electronic humidor has a suggested retail price of $2999.99.

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