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Quality Importers Introduce G10 Crafted Versions of the Xikar VX2 V-Cut Cigar Cutter

January 30, 2024 By Nicole Tabacco
Cigar Cutters

Quality Importers Trading Company announce that new versions of the Xikar VX2 cigar cutter crafted from G10 are available to ship globally to enthusiasts and retailers. The VX2 is produced with G10, the toughest glass fiber resin laminate.

The Xikar VX2 G10 V-Cut is constructed using multiple layers of G10 for enhanced sturdiness and
durability. Engineered with stainless steel blades capable of handling 64-ring gauge cigars, the VX2
creates the optimal depth of a V-Cut, ensuring an ample draw without compromising your cigar cap.
The new VX2 G10 V-Cut offers ergonomic, one-handed operation utilizing the Secure-Lock system. To
operate the Secure-Lock system, simply apply pressure, simultaneously to both side release buttons,
easily performed with your thumb and index finger.

Jimmy Miudo Executive Vice President of Product Design, Sourcing, and Business Intelligence at Quality
Importers, stated, “The G10 component reinforces the strength of the design and makes it one of the
most durable cigar cutter accessories available to the consumer today.”

Xikar VX2 G10 V-Cut Cigar Cutter is available in three traditional color combinations: Blue/Black,
Red/Black, Gray/Black. Included is the standard Xikar lifetime warranty the VX2 V-Cut is offered at an
MSRP of $89.99.

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