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Protocol Announces “John Doe 3.0”

August 2, 2021 By Matthew Tabacco

Protocol Cigars is once again proud to announce their third installment in the John Doe Series called the John Doe 3.0. John Doe is the name given to unidentified males until identification can be made at a later time. The cigars will come in a 10 count paper bundle with an MSRP of $95.00 per 10 count bundle and $9.50 per single cigar. The John Doe 3.0 will come in a 5 x 52 vitola.

The cigar band is plain white paper with black lettering spelling out John Doe 3.0. Like prior John Doe installments, the wrapper, binder, and filler are unidentified at this time. The only available information is the birthplace. It has been confirmed that the birthplace is Estelí, Nicaragua. To be exact, The La Zona Cigar Factory, under the watchful eye of Erik Espinosa and under the tutelage of Hector Alfonso Sr. Like prior installments in the series, it will be a true limited release with only 200 bundles made available, and just like all prior installments, they will never be released again, once hey are gone they are gone forever.

This installment of the John Doe 3.0 will be released in partnership with Omertà Cigar Company for the in store event and Puro Cigar House for online sales. The release date will be Saturday, August 14th starting at 6pm Central Time. There will be a Virtual event starting at 6pm Central time on Zoom. Owner and operator Jarrett E. Jackson will be hosting the Virtual Release Party.

Jarrett added: “Omertà Cigar Company and Puro Cigar House are Push-Up Pumped to join forces with Juan and Kevin of Protocol Cigars for this exclusive limited release, we are just as big of a cigar fans as are our valued customers. We strive to give our our customers distinctive and rare projects that they cannot get anywhere else. They deserve these one of a kind projects and it is our honor and pleasure to give it to them!” The link to buy the protocol John Doe 3.0 is The event deal will be spend $150 or more on Protocol Cigars and get 15% off entire purchase excluding the John Doe 3.0. 



Cigar Pedigree Information:

Wrapper: Unidentified 

Binder: Unidentified

Filler: Unidentified

Birthplace: La Zone, Estelí, Nicaragua

Height: 5 x 52

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