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Plasencia adds “Smart Chips” to Alma Fuerte Sixto I Colorado Claro Bands

May 19, 2021 By Matthew Tabacco

Plasencia Cigars, a world-leading premium tobacco grower, established in 1865, announces that it has teamed with LegacySecure. The collaboration will serveto integrate an exciting technology, that will provide a wealth of information to the retailer and end-consumer. The goal is to further educate the consumer about Plasencia’s long and rich history while exposing the art of cigar making to a wider audience. All that is needed from the consumer to tap into this technology is their phone.

Plasencia Cigars worked closely with LegacySecure to create an encrypted “smart chip” which is found on the cigar band of every Alma Fuerte Sixto l Hexagon Colorado Claro cigar and box. No applications are needed. Once a retailer or consumer taps their phone (iPhone 10 and above, and all Android phones) against the smart chip, it will authenticate the cigar and then open a webpage, that will feature a plethora of information. Within this page, the user will find high-resolution photos and information about the cigar’s blend, tasting notes and other unique information. Slickly produced content will educate the end-user about the Plasencia family’s 156-year long history, its dedication to tobacco growing, and cigar making.

The Plasencia family places much importance on feedback to further improve their products. With this new element, end-users will have the opportunity to provide their valued opinions as this technology allows consumers to rate the cigar.

Plasencia Cigars CEO Nestor Andres Plasencia stated: “Our family’s tobacco tradition is 156 years old this year because the previous Plasencia family generations combined hard work, constant thirst to improve, and forward-minded thinking. Our collaboration with LegacySecure to bring forth this unique technology is another step in our constant evolution. We look forward to sharing our unique tobacco history with the public while giving them another platform to communicate with us.”

The Alma Fuerte Sixto l Hexagon Colorado Claro with the LegacySecure smart chip will begin shipping in June.

*Technology used is NFC (the same tech that powers google and Apple Pay). NFC may need to be enabled on your Android.


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