Perdomo Firecracker Release

June 23, 2020 By Matthew Tabacco

This past weekend, the United Cigars – Perdomo collaboration of the annual “Firecracker” cigar release, which I already reviewed on here and be sure to check out! But there was a lot of excitement this year since this year it was a Perdomo cigar and the whole Perdomo family came to New Hampshire to celebrate the release at Two Guys Smoke Shop. In a successful launch, David Garafalo’s stores and website sold out of these cigars fast and had plenty of customers who showed up to meet the Perdomos. The Father and Son duo of Nick and Nicholas Perdomo were then featured on the Cigar Authority Podcast on Saturday which was a great episode. Some minor tempers flared when Dave let it be known he wasn’t happy the firecracker was being ripped off by Pete Johnson of Tatuaje.

That night, the Perdomo Firecracker Launch weekend ended with the Two Guys Father & Son Dinner with the Perdomos and 50 guests upstairs in the Salem, NH store’s new function room. We are told another batch of Perdomo Firecrackers will be available at a later date this year, so if you missed out check and sign up to be notified.

I also got to try the new 10th Anniversary Sun Grown cigar, which it along with its Maduro counterpart will replace the Champagne Sun Grown and Champagne Maduro, respectively. The Champagne Connecticut however will stay in place. The 10th Anniversary Sun Grown was fantastic and is sure to be a hit. Nick told us we were some of the very first people in the country to try these, how about them apples?

-Matt Tabacco

Myself with David Garafalo (left) and Nick Perdomo (right)

The New Perdomo Firecracker 2020

The new 10th Anniversary Sun Grown releasing later this year.

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