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Newair & Boveda Announce New Collaboration Humidor

October 18, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco

The Newair x Boveda 500 Count Electric Cigar Humidor is the latest in Newair’s collection of electronic cooling cigar humidors. The company announced recently they had partnered with renowned humidity control company Boveda to work on a new humidor that would be optimized to use the signature 60 gram Boveda two-way humidification packets.

Newair is a company that manufacturers a wide variety of cooling appliances such as fridges, ice makers, wine coolers and humidors. For quite some time now, consumers have been modifying wine coolers to be used as electric cigar “coolidors” to keep cigars from getting too warm and to help control the relative humidity. The reason for this is for consumers who live in much warmer areas, if your cigars reach too high of a temperature for an extended period of time, cigar beetles could destroy your inventory. Newair’s 1,500 count all-in-one humidor that has built in humidity control electronically was our 2022 Accessory of the Year last year.

The Newair x Boveda 500 Count Electric Cigar Humidor is available now for purchase through the company’s website. It measures 17.72 inches x 16.93 x 29.13 (exterior dimensions) but has an interior capacity of of 1.78 cubic feet. All of the wood inside is the traditional Spanish cedar that most humidors are built with. There are four shelves and two trays for single cigars, all of which slide in and out. Newair also has implemented anew peg style system for organization but also to help keep the cigars from rolling out of the humidor. Newair told us this is the only product that will use the pegs for now.

In addition, Boveda’s tie-in comes from the three slots built under the shelves that are meant to fit the 60 gram Boveda packs. Boveda packs will on average last approximately four months at a time. Each slot can hold up to three packs each for a total of nine packs in your humidor at once total. The bottom drawer has removable dividers for further organization.

In addition, there is a light inside the humidor installed at the top for visibility to for an enhanced presentation. There is a digital control module to all you to control the light as well as the temperature control. According to Newair, the range of temperature is between 54 – 72 degrees. The price of the humidor is currently $699.99 and includes three 60-gram Boveda packs when purchased through Newair, although units purchased elsewhere will not.

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