2022 Smokin Tabacco Awards: Accessory of the Year – NewAir 1,500 Count Electric Cigar Humidor

February 1, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco



There were many accessories this year that were both submitted for consideration and ones we discovered on our own. This is one that we discovered on our own that later turned out to be a winner. The NewAir 1,500 Count Electric Cigar Humidor is one exceptional piece of cigar necessity. This amazing unit has a professional, sleek design, and accurate temperature and humidity control functionality. A formal review is already in the process.

We saw many cutters, lighters, and other smaller accessories that came across our desks this year and some were good, and some were just ok. We don’t normally do honorable mentions but two products worth mentioning as close seconds were the Xikar Revolution cutter from Quality Importers and the Cigar Blondie Accessories cutter and lighter set from Cigar Blondie. Both products are well made and are great values. Ultimately, what won this for me was the entire package. As with all of our awards, we try to give them to the entity that wowed us on many or all levels.

The NewAir 1,500 exceeded my expectations, I was impressed how accurate the control panel was, how well conditioned the cigars themselves actually held, and how much water it held. The dry New England weather here in Boston can be brutal, and this surprising didn’t need to be filled as often as I thought. Also, it does stay pretty cool, the room all of our humidors and cabinets are in can get a little warm. The other thing worth mentioning is that before I began using this, I heard many complain about the sound the pump and compressor make and how loud they are. To be honest, the fridges in my house and the Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 units in all of our conventional cabinets are louder than this unit.

Congrats to NewAir on this achievement and be sure to check out their other humidors in other sizes. I will say, this is the only all in one unit, the other models simple just keep cool. You will need to provide your own humidity control.

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