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NewAir 1,500 Count Electric Humidor – Review

February 15, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco

So, by now you have probably heard that this won our 2022 Accessory of the Year award. This review is going give you a more in-depth reason as to why. Many people talk about humidity and moisture when talking about cigars. People ask us what we use, how we like to keep our settings, what issues we have etc.

Let me start off by saying this, before getting this humidor we had three cabinets and several large special limited edition box humidors that are brand specific that we use to keep our cigars. We use Oasis Magna 3.0 humidification systems in the cabinets and humidity packs in the boxes. The reason I bring this up is because A: a benchmark to compare later and B: I am going to talk about noise comparison.

Humidor Before Filling

Unlike most of the other electric humidors that NewAir and some of their competitors make, this is an all-in-one unit. That means, this has both temperature control as well as humidification. The others have the cooling for the most part but not the humidification. That is a big one for me, I was very interested in the all-in-one because I wanted to see if the built in humidification system actually worked well. Also, not having to provide your own humidity control is always a bonus.

First off, out of the box this thing is sleek, sexy and sharp. The glass door and LED lights will allow you to show off your collection with style and the perfect presentation. But before you do, you are going to need to assemble the handle on the door, which you will find tied to one of the interior shelves along with a bag of paperwork, manuals and hardware. You will also need to attach the lower front grille. Both of these are easy to do but most of all once you complete these tasks, make sure you level your humidor with the adjustable feet found on the bottom. One caveat is that NewAir recommends you let the humidor stay open and powered off for the first 24 hours to allow any residual odors to exit before running.

Water Fill Hole

Once all of our prep work was done and we had our humidor up and running we decided to fill it with water. The fill hole resides on the left side of the bottom drawer under a plug. When filling the water, it runs down a thin pan under the top wooden face of the drawer into a small open water reservoir before heading down a plastic hose into the humidification device tucked in the lower rear of the humidor. This is one of the reasons you want to make sure the humidor is level. Once full, your humidor is ready for operation. We filled ours and let it run for a day before completely filling the humidor with boxes to about 80% capacity. The official capacity of water is 50.7 oz.

Humidor Lock

The front door is also fitted with a lock that resides in the lower grille in the center of the humidor. I wish that the lock was a bit more solid and rigid and was maybe attached to the door directly. My issue is that it seems a bit cheap and flimsy as if someone could yank this open if they really wanted to. But nonetheless, it is still better than most humidor locks I have seen. The inside of the humidor at the top features a digital control panel that allows for the control of the lights, temp and humidity setting, switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and finally there is a manual power button if you do not want it to run at all.

Control Panel UI

Now that the humidor is operating and full of inventory, we watch and wait. Like anything else, you aren’t going to get a benchmark after a day or maybe even a week in term son humidification. We watched our humidor closely every day to keep tabs on the levels of moisture and temperature. I have to say, this humidor is very consistent, even in the dry cold New England climate during the winter months when it was tested. Which to me, is the best time to test a humidor. The other aspect is that it stayed very accurate too, something that was tested with external hygrometers. For me, the humidity aspect was more important however, I will say that the room our humidors in is warmer than the other rooms. This did a great job of holding a solid mid-sixties temperature as well. The other thing that surprised me was the water supply tended to last longer than I expected even with the dryer conditions. I only had to fill it up two or three times in the last few months and even than it was more of a top off than a dry fill.

One of the last things I will touch on is noise. I heard people complaining that it made too much noise between the compressor for the cooling and everything else that is in there. First of all, I will be blunt. It acts like your refrigerator folks. It has a compressor that uses a decent amount of power and runs from time to time. But as I said before, the Oasis Magna 3.0 units in our other humidors are louder than this. Anyone who says otherwise hasn’t owned a proper cabinet style humidor with electric humidification”or even a refrigerator. My point it yes it makes noise when it runs but it kicks in for a minute or so every now and then and when it does, I found it to be very subtle.

Full Humidor

All in all, the NewAir 1,500 humidor is a winner. Its design is sleek, the capacity is great whether you are storing boxes or individual cigars the average consumer should have no problem with space with this humidor. But most importantly, the conditions to which the cigars will be kept is almost flawless and accurate. Another thing I will add in is we also never at any point had any issues with leaking, mold, dryness, etc. The cigars all smoked perfectly, felt perfect, and otherwise seemed no different than any other proper humidor.

This humidor will also receive a Smokin Tabacco Grade A rating, signifying that it has exceeded all expectations. Our recommendation, buy one. It may carry a steeper price point than what many may expect at just under $2,000, however as someone who deals with cigars in large quantities daily and has to deal with multiple kinds of humidors and keeping up with them, this is as simple as it gets. Just fill it up with water from time to time and you are good to go. This is one of the best humidors we have ever used.

NewAir was gracious enough to provide a 10% discount to anyone looking to try this humidor out, just follow the link below and use the code SMOKINTABACCO at checkout.


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