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Meerapfel Announces Cigar for Charity – Création de Coeur

March 9, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco



MEERAPFEL Cigar is very proud and honored to announce the launch of a unique Master Blend for charity: “Création de Coeur”.

The MEERAPFEL family still operates the oldest business in the premium cigar industry – an unrivaled legacy spanning over 400 years and 11 generations of tradition.
Involved with the most mystical brands and personalities in cigar history, MEERAPFEL has contributed to the evolution of the industry throughout the centuries.

Recently, MEERAPFEL has created a new segment in the premium cigar world with its MEERAPFEL Cigar; the UberLuxury.
MEERAPFEL Cigar “Création de Coeur” takes its cigar making one step further: To strengthen the family’s commitment to donating to charity.

“The UberLuxury is an expression of our legacy, values, and tradition. The MEERAPFEL family has always channeled this strength towards helping those who need it most”, shares Jeremiah MEERAPFEL, President of the MEERAPFEL Companies.
“We are blessed with the ability to help others. It is our mission, pleasure and most important obligation to continue doing so from strength to strength!”

To create this UberLuxury experience, the MEERAPFEL family went above and beyond, assembling the most exquisite materials and elaborating something that has never been witnessed before:

The blend is tailored to the vitola called “Pyramides d’entraide” (5 1/4 x 52).
Every element of this masterpiece has been designed specifically for this overwhelming and heartwarming endeavor.
The chest is much more than an exquisite and unique cigar experience – it’s a project from the heart, with all proceeds going to support those in need.

MEERAPFEL “Création de Coeur” demonstrates the mystical power of premium cigars: bringing people together, united by their values and beliefs, their passion for the leaf and their respect for each other… Ultimately leading to helping others.

“By donating this UberLuxury Création de Coeur, MEERAPFEL hopes to further harness the power to do good in this world. We believe that by sharing our passion, opening our hearts and our resources, we make a real difference in the lives of others”, said Reinhard Pohorec, Vice President of MEERAPFEL Cigar.

MEERAPFEL Cigar “Création de Coeur” is a remarkable opportunity for the most discerning aficionados to add a unique masterpiece to their cigar collection whilst supporting a crucial cause: giving back to those in need. Together, we can make a difference – one cigar at a time!

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