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Meerapfeel Announces Cigar Brand Launch

October 11, 2021 By Matthew Tabacco

This year, the Meerapfel family will be re-introducing the Meerapfel cigar brand to the world. Meerapfel produced cigars in the mid-1800s in the region of Karlsruhe, Germany.

“It took 150 years to get around to it, I hope it will bring joy to many people”, states Jeremiah Meerapfel. “The cigars will pay tribute to each generation of my family, to the finest tobacco, blends and to tradition”.

More information on the Meerapfel Cigar brand will be released in the coming weeks.
Furthermore, Meerapfel announced the appointment of Reinhard Pohorec as Vice President of Sales and Brand

Experience of the Meerapfel Cigar brand.

The Austrian entrepreneur has established an excellent reputation over the last decade in experience design with luxury brands and in five-star hospitality. His multi-sensory creations, the art of hosting and his communication skills have made Reinhard an award-winning consultant and speaker who has built an impressive track record as sensory expert with leading luxury companies around the world. With class and charm, Reinhard has captured the hearts of the international premium cigar community by storm.

“We are proud to welcome such a gentleman to our family and team”, says Jeremiah Meerapfel, President of the Meerapfel Companies. “Mr. Pohorec has become a confidant and friend over the past years.
I have no doubt he possesses the notions and level of respect, hard work, dedication, and passion that is needed to integrate the Meerapfel teams. Meerapfel does not compromise on tradition and Reinhard will fit right in. Anyone that has the pleasure to work with Mr Pohorec will be dealing with the finest.”

Reinhard will lead the global sales of this unprecedented new endeavor and create the Meerapfel cigar network and experience with a very select group of partners.

“I could not be more excited, proud and honored than to join the Meerapfel company; the family that has made such an outstanding contribution to the world of premium tobacco and the very best handmade cigars. I want to help perpetuate this legacy that has become so close to my heart”, says Reinhard Pohorec.

Mr Meerapfel concludes: “Meerapfel Cigars have encompassed every element of Tradition and Luxury. Luxury to an unparalleled level of attention and detail that can be found in the Uber Luxury European brands such as the Bugatti’s, the Patek Philippe’s or the Hermes’s of the world. I am very excited to share this with you very soon. May the Uber-Tradition continue…”

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