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Luciano Cigars Appoints Ed Traviño as New Sales Director

September 28, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco

Treviño brings strong servant-leader principles to the organization and excellence in developing long standing relationships with his customers, colleagues, and suppliers. Having been in the cigar industry for over 28 years, Treviño is a respected industry veteran. His experience branches from small family-run boutique companies to large, industry-leading brands.

“Treviño’s priorities are people, character, and growth, so he is a great representative of the values shared by all who work at Luciano Cigars” Luciano Meirelles, President & Co Founder

“We are so excited and thankful to have Ed come on board as our Director of Sales. To see how our values, grit, and commitment to this industry align has been truly inspiring.” Tiago Splitter, Co-Founder

Treviño joins Luciano Cigars to support the company as it embarks on this next chapter as a fully integrated vertical operation after having known and worked with Luciano Meirelles for several years. Treviño will begin leading the sales sector of Luciano Cigars as the company continues to grow, now with its independent US distribution.

“We are so proud to announce Ed Treviño has joined our team. Ed is a remarkable leader, whose character and humility always stand as a foundation for his leadership. It’s a gift to have him – I have no doubt about it!” Luciano Meirelles, Co-Founder and President

Retailers who currently carry Luciano Cigars, including Luciano the Dreamer, Fiat Lux, Maria Lucia, MXS and Mas Igneus, will be receiving details from Treviño and the team over the month of October to initiate their new accounts and continue stocking Luciano Cigars once the company takes over US distribution on November 1.

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