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La Flor Dominicana Sells Sixth of Seven NFTs for $81,777

August 24, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco

La Flor Dominicana announced earlier this year that they would be releasing an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). However, unlike most NFTs, this one would come with the right to buy seventy Andalusian Bulls a month indefinitely in new size dubbed the “Golden NFT” – a 6 1/4 x 42 Lonsdale and do with it as they please. The NFT also comes with the signature artwork that an NFT is known for PLUS a gold bar styled humidor called “The Gold Bullion” humidor. These NFTs are open to any bidder worldwide. We first saw all the pieces to this at the PCA 2022 Trade Show last month in Las Vegas. You can see that coverage here: PCA 2022: La Flor Dominicana

The NFT auction is going to run every forty-eight hours. NFT #1 went live at 12PM on 8/11. The first NFT closed at an amazing $85,000 to Alexander Martinez of Mane Street Cigars. Now that NFT #6 has closed, below is list of the winners and the winning bids so far as well as the current bid of NFT #7 as of this writing. NFT #7 is however the final NFT up for auction. After this – it is all over folks.

  • NFT #1: Alexander Martinez (Mane Street Cigars) – Winning Bid: $85,000

  • NFT #2: Alexander Martinez (Mane Street Cigars) – Winning Bid: $78,001

  • NFT #3: Username “Nberr” (Private/Anonymous) – Winning Bid – $90,000

  • NFT #4: Billy O (Jack Schwartz Importers) – Winning Bid: $90,000

  • NFT #5: Cigar Country – Winning Bid: $92,000

  • NFT #6: Mitul Shah (Son’s Cigar & Lounge) & Danny D (Tobacco Plaza) – Winning Bid – $81,777

  • NFT#7: Current Bid – J.Preston – $70,000

So far all but one of the NFTs have gone to retailers (one went to a private buyer) and one of those retailers owns the first two. #6 went to two shops who have seemed to split it. After the climbing prices of the NFTs as the auctions continued, I expect them to break over $100,000. But after back-to-back $90,000 winning bids on #3, #4, and $92,000 on #5, I thought we would continue to see a trend up. $6 only sold for $81,777 after that climb in prices. Now that #7 is open, the bids are currently (as of this writing) up to $70,000 and a handful of new names are in the pot. I expect that the last minute “fear of missing out” buyers are coming to play. I think all of the people who really wanted one and were bidding aggressively early on have secured one at this point and now it is up to some new blood. If any are going to set the final selling record or even clear $100,00, it is going to have to be this one.

NFT #7 will sure to be an interesting one to watch in the final minutes. I expect it to get hot. Now, once it is over the next question will be waiting to be answered – what will these retailers sell them for? That and how long until the first round is available? Bidders interested in the LFD NFTs can go to for more information or visit the auction page directly here: LFD NFT Auction Site

Fans of LFD in their Discord chat room have begun to band together and request another, much larger format size of the Andalusian Bull. LFD has said in an effort to protect the integrity and value of the NFTs for their new and exclusive owners, that at this time they will not make any new sizes of the Andalusian Bull outside of the two that now currently exist. However, like everything – time will tell if this stays true.

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