La Flor Dominicana Sells First of Seven NFTs for $85,000

August 13, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco

La Flor Dominicana announced earlier this year that they would be releasing an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). However unlike most NFTs, this one would come with the right to buy seventy Andalusian Bulls a month indefinitley in new size dubbed the “Golden NFT” – a 6.25 x 42 Lonsdale and do with it as they please. The NFT also comes with the signature artwork that an NFT is known for PLUS a gold bar styled humidor called “The Gold Bullion” humidor. These NFTs are open to any bidder worldwide. We first saw all the pieces to this at the PCA 2022 Trade Show last month in Las Vegas. You can see that coverage here: PCA 2022: La Flor Dominicana

The NFT auction is going to run every forty-eight hours. NFT #1 went live at 12PM on Thursday. At 12PM today, it closed at an amazing $85,000 to Alexander Martinez. NFT #2 is now currently up for auction with the current bid as of this writing at $47,777. The rest of the Golden NFTs are expected to reach much higher final prices after NFT #1 set such a high precedence. Bidders interested in the LFD NFTs can go to for more information or visit the auction page directly here: LFD NFT Auction Site

Thursday night we held an LFD take over of the Smokin Tabacco Show live from Empire Social in Miami, Florida to kick off the first day of bidding. In attendance were over a dozen VIP’s who got to smoke the new “Golden NFT” cigars. Joining on the show were Jonathan M Carney, Vice-President of Sales of LFD, Tony Gomez, Litto Gomez Jr. and John McTavish of Developing Palates who joined us remotely from his native Canada. That show can be found below.

It will be interesting to see where this goes. Initially, the feeling most people we spoke with expected these to fetch a modest $39,000 – $50,000. After some aggressive bidding, the high price of NFT #1 and the already fast paced bidding total of NFT #2 this is anyone’s game here. Whoever wins these NFTs will be paying a huge chunk of change but will have themselves in a position to make it all back tenfold if they wish by reselling them which is what most retailers bidding on this are expected to do. Or maybe you are a wealthy individual who loves LFD cigars and you just want this for collection. Whatever the case may be, if you are serious about owning one of these – don’t sleep on it or you will most certainly miss out.

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