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La Flor Dominicana – PCA 2023

July 16, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco

La Flor Dominicana was at PCA 2023 in their same booth from years past, which to me, still looks great and is effective. They are still riding the high of being the first ones to successfully pull off the tangible NFT in the cigar industry. For this effort, we presented them with the “Best Innovation” award at the show which you can see below. This award was presented to Steve Saka last year for the Still Well Star release.

Outside of that, when asked about the Golden NFT, it seems as though things are going well and even continuing to expand with Don Patel, owner of Golden NFT #6 and #7 (and Cigarz on the Ave in Winter Park, Florida), rolling out the Golden Purveyors program with other retailers around the country.

La Flor Dominicana might not have much new to show, but the one thing they did bring back to show was the return of the Litto Gomez line. This cigar was first introduced in 2003 and was last seen in 2015. It features tobaccos grown from the LFD farm in La Canela and is a Dominican Puro. Jonathan M Carney, VP of Sales, told us they are shooting for 4 -5 facings, but that number was not finalized yet. The size shown at the booth was the Lusitano size, which is what LFD calls their toro.

No orders were being taken yet but the company hope to begin that process and ship these cigars to LFD appointed merchants sometime in November.

The other thing not on display but that was mentioned was the 2023 TAA cigar which we will see around the same time as the Litto. This is noteworthy since the 2022 TAA Salomon was the final LFD TAA Exclusive to feature the golden blend. The next iteration will be called the Litto Gomez Emeraude and will feature an entirely new blend. No other information is available as of this wriitng.

The last thing that we heard was that Litto Gomez has purchased the property next to the La Flor Dominicana factory in Tamboril, Dominican Republic where he said there are plans to expand the factory in both an aesthetic nature and in production space. This should add some increase of production that many have tried to criticize LFD for not doing. However, sources from LFD tell me they do not want to expand too large and are still comfortable with what they are currently working with.

Check out our interview with Jonathan M Carney, VP of Sales of La Flor Dominicana below.

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