Jonathan Drew and Pedro Gomez to Host “Liga Privada 10 Selección de Mercado” Events in Istanbul and Europe

September 7, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco

Drew Estate is introducing the new Liga Privada 10 Selección de Mercado during the InterTabac Show in Dortmund, Germany, from Sept. 14 -16, and the company’s Founder and President, Jonathan Drew; and Global Brand Ambassador and Factory Spokesman, Pedro Gomez, will be hosting events in four countries before and after the trade show to support the new cigar’s release.

Available only to international markets, Selección de Mercado is handcrafted to highlight the bold characteristics of a specially curated Connecticut Criollo capa leaf that’s grown exclusively for Drew Estate by one farmer in the famed Connecticut River Valley. The cigar’s name is Spanish for “Market Selection,” and is inspired by the old practice of selecting wrapper leaves for certain national markets by color. Drew Estate chose only the most beautiful rosado leaves to highlight Selección de Mercado’s bold, yet deeply balanced, and sophisticated espresso and earth notes.

Before Intertabac, Jonathan will travel to Istanbul, Turkey, to host a pair of events. On Sunday, Sept. 10, he will appear at Istanbul’s Peat & Sherry Whisky Bar from 8-10:30 p.m. The next night, Jonathan and a dozen or so VIP guests will hop on a yacht for a special evening of cigars, spirits and fun while cruising the Bosphorus Strait.

“Istanbul is the city where East meets West,” Jonathan explains. “It’s the historic bridge where Europe and Asia embrace in an eternal dance of cultures and history. There is no better place to introduce Selección de Mercado, which celebrates the unrivaled artistry of Liga Privada with a slightly nuanced and more mellow take on Liga 10!!!”

After Intertabac, Pedro will tour Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria to introduce Selección de Mercado to discerning smokers at seven events. Pedro’s tour schedule will be:

  • Budapest, Hungary: Monday, Sept. 18 Hemingway Restaurant
  • Bucharest, Romania: Wednesday, Sept. 20 El Unico Cigar Lounge
  • Thursday, Sept. 21 Guava Restaurant
  • Sofia, Bulgaria: Saturday, Sept. 23 Best Cigars Lounge
  • Sunday, Sept. 24 Crystal Palace Hotel
  • Varna, Bulgaria Monday, Sept. 25 El Fuego Cigar Bar and Shop
  • Plovdiv, Bulgaria Tuesday, Sept. 26 Best Cigars Lounge

“Cigars create harmony, pleasure and sophistication between diverse cultures that connects people from all walks of life,” Pedro adds. “It’s a real thrill for me to represent my hometown, Estelí, Nicaragua, around the world. Viva Estelí!!!”

Drew Estate will begin taking orders for Selección de Mercado on Sept. 14, the first day of the 2023 Intertabac Show. To follow the adventures of Jonathan and Pedro, be sure to check out the Drew Estate international team’s Instagram page @drewestateinternational and Pedro’s Instagram page @drewestatepedro.

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