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How to Blow Smoke Rings – A Lesson by Fred “@Godfadr” Rewey

July 26, 2021 By Matthew Tabacco

You know that scene in The Godfather when Marlon Brando lights up a cigar and blows a smoke ring directly at Al Pacino telling him that he wants Fredo killed? 


Killer scene, right? Well, it never happened. 


Don’t get me wrong, Fredo does get killed* but just not like that. 


*I would have said, “spoiler alert’ but if you have not seen The Godfather at this point I can’t help you. 


But it COULD HAVE happened. 


The fact is, that is how we remember every bad-ass cool dude smoking cigars in a movie. They take a long draw and exhale a perfect smoke ring that lingers in the air as they deliver epic monologue. 


I actually think we would see more smoke rings being batted around in movies if it was not for how damn hard it is to learn…and get the right environment. 


Still want to learn how to be one of the cool kids? Here you go…


1. Find a room that the air is not moving around too much. Even the best guys have trouble if there is too much wind or a stiff breeze from and A/C unit or smoke eater.


2. Pick a cigar that you know outputs more smoke (you can tell this just from other cigars you have smoked). This is not a must, but it will make it easier to see what you are producing. When in doubt, ask your tobacconist…he/she will know.


3. Draw in a thick puff of smoke into your mouth and hold it. You don’t need too much, we are not talking puffer fish status…just a good amount of smoke.


4. Open your mouth and jaw (slowly so the smoke does not come out yet) and try and use your lips to make a round “O.”


5. Although it seems as though you are “blowing” smoke rings, in reality, you are more pushing the smoke out of your mouth. By curling your tongue down, you create a somewhat flat surface in your mouth to “push out’ smoke. Kind of like a piston in a car.


6. Push the air out and recoil the tongue (that puts the ending to the smoke and creates the ring).


7. Repeat


That’s it. 


Don’t get me wrong, it is going to take a TON of practice. For me, it was 5 hours in a garage in the middle winter. 


Don’t get discouraged. If you have trouble, walk away from it…well the rings, NOT the cigar, and come back and try again another day. You will eventually get it. 


…and if they ever film The Godfather part four…you are ready to go! 


About Fred Rewey…

Little known cigar fact: Some of the greatest cigar industry personalities were forged on Bacon, McRibs, and Pizza Rolls. Fred “@Godfadr” Rewey has smoked cigars for several decades in which time included a seven-year cigar journey living in both Nicaragua and Guatemala, building (and selling) Nomad Cigar Company, and amassing a solid following of like-minded cigar enthusiasts. His latest book, So Long And Thanks For All The Bacon can be found on Amazon in print and audio.

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