El Septimo Opening Cigar Lounge in Hollywood, California

December 20, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco



Today, El Septimo announced the opening of a new cigar lounge in Hollywood, CA called El Septimo of Hollywood. The lounge will open its doors to the public on January 21st, 2023.

“We are on schedule of meeting our ambitious plan of opening 30 El Septimo Cigar Lounges. We will accomplish that goal by either rebranding existing lounges into El Septimo Official Lounges, or the alternative, which is to open our own retail locations. My preference is to work with existing retailers, which will be equally beneficial, as this will boost retailer sales by connecting them to a global marketing powerhouse that continues to grow in popularity. El Septimo is a brand that is globally recognized as the best premium cigar maker, and demand for our products is growing rapidly. Consumers all over the world want to have access to this superior line of cigars and, we will make sure they have it,” says CEO Zaya Younan.

El Septimo of Hollywood will offer only El Septimo Cigars, showing the complete line of over 42 different blends, in addition to the brand’s full line of premium accessories, spirits, and wines. The Lounge is located at 5403 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027. Membership entails access to all El Septimo Lounge locations worldwide. For a full list on all current & future locations, visit https://www.el-septimo.com/my-account/

Next, El Septimo plans to open Cigar Bar & Lounges in Florida, Chicago and Arizona. In just two months, El Septimo will announce the location for its next Lounge, the world’s largest El Septimo Cigar Bar and Lounge, built in a stunning 8,000 square foot retail space.

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