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E.P. Carrillo Announces “The Retro Short Run” Limited Production Line

June 12, 2021 By Matthew Tabacco

With the Retro we bring back the beloved Short Run. Our last Short Run was in 2016, and we’ve been hoping to bring it back ever since then!

Music is part of Ernesto Perez-Carrillo and Carrillo Cigars’s DNA. From his formative years playing the drums to his finely curated record collection and occasional performances at special family events, music has served as the soundtrack to Ernesto’s life. It’s also at the forefront of his mind when he sets out to blend a new cigar.

There’s a rotating list of favorite albums that Ernesto will listen to when he approaches the task, each contributing to the overall feeling or mood that he wants the cigar to evoke, their rhythms finding their counterpoints in different strains of tobacco. The one thread that runs through the makeup of all Carrillo Cigars is the song “Spain” by Chick Corea. It’s Ernesto’s favorite and one that he will listen to countless times as a blend is developed.

Naturally, our new release is reminiscent of the vinyl records that Ernesto would put on for himself and for family and friends.

Available in three sizes, the Retro Short Play is the robusto and reminiscent of a music single. The Retro Extended Play is our toro and plays like your typical half-length album. Finally, the Retro Long Play is our longest smoke of the bunch the gordo and is comparable to your standard vinyl album.


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