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Drew Estate Closes Original Diplomat App – Confirms Next Version Almost Complete

June 30, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco



Drew Estate Issued the following statement today in regard to the Drew Diplomat app many Drew Estate consumers have come to know and love. This comes after app store platforms have worked towards the removal of tobacco-based applications.

Dear Loyal Drew Diplomat App User:

Since 2013, the Drew Diplomat App has been a loyalty and reward-driven home for you, our most loyal and dedicated fans, to earn points, win prizes, get the latest DE news, as well as discover local events and Diplomat Retailers. As many of you know, creating a new Drew Diplomat App has been a top priority for Drew Estate due to policy changes implemented by traditional app platforms that have limited our functionality and access to upgrades.

To clear the way for the new Drew Diplomat App, the service for the existing (original) App, which we have used since 2013, will end today, June 30th, 2023.

The beta testing period for the new Drew Diplomat App (a Progressive Web App) is nearing completion, and our goal is to fully launch the new app within the next 45 to 90 days. Many thanks to each of you who’ve been on the beta, and just to be super clear – if you are currently a beta user you can continue using the beta app, you’re already set and need not reset your password.

The new Progressive Web App allows us to integrate and streamline the entire Drew Diplomat App experience like never before! Accessible on any device, the new App will contain new features that make it more informative, rewarding, and entertaining than ever. The time between the shutdown of the old app and the launch of the new Progressive Web App will be worth the wait. Importantly, you will not lose any points in this transition, as accumulated points in the old App will simply transfer and be available to you when you sign up on new Progressive Web App.  

We want to both thank you for your continued loyalty and ask for your patience during the remainder of the beta testing period (45-90 days) as we finalize the new App’s development before the launch announcement.

We are looking forward to revealing the final App, digging deeper into our creative minds with killer prizes and new adventures to share with ya. Many of the things you love about the current App you can look forward to with the new App, but with significantly enhanced usability, ease of use, additional features and a few fresh surprises.

We love ya and best regards,

Jonathan Drew
Founder & President
Drew Estate – The Rebirth of Cigars

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