Deadwood Tobacco Co. “The Girl With No Name” Gets Robusto Extra Size for Famous Smoke

March 29, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco

The regular line up of Deadwood Tobacco Co. by Drew Estate includes Fat Bottom Betty, Sweet Jane, Crazy Alice and Leather Rose, but Deadwood “The Girl With No Name” Robusto Extra is part of Drew Estate’s lineup of limited-edition cigars that the company makes exclusively for a particular retail cigar shop.

“There’s something very strange about Deadwood’s “The Girl With No Name,'” explains Vaughn Boyd, the Founder of Deadwood Tobacco Company, who partnered with Drew Estate to interpret the notorious Deadwood ladies’ sultry tales through the world of cigars. “She is a yummy vixen who appeared out of nowhere to join her Deadwood sisters and is now on the run. Only a posse of the boldest and most daring desperadoes have a chance to rope her in!”

Deadwood’s “The Girl With No Name” Robusto Extra features a succulent Sumatra wrapper leaf that’s blended with fragrant and exotically sweet tobaccos to captivate anyone lucky enough to find her. Featuring the iconic Girl With No Name Sugar Skull artwork on both the band and box, Deadwood “The Girl With No Name” Robusto Extra is available in 20-count boxes.

Jonathan Drew, Founder and President of Drew Estate says from the Wynwood Safehouse, “”The Girl With No Name’ is a seriously dope concept and addition to the Deadwood lineup. It’s surprising how many consumers are on the hunt for both new and old or discontinued limited editions throughout the world.”

Now available exclusively at Famous Smoke Shop, Deadwood Tobacco Co. “The Girl With No Name” Robusto Extra may be ordered by visiting or 800-564-2486.

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