Cohiba to Release Biometric Humidor with Limited Edition Cigar

November 6, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco

Cohiba (STG) announced today it is unveiling the brand’s exclusive 2023 holiday offering called The Cohiba Biometric Humidor.

The custom-crafted, contemporary, humidor is finished in red and black lacquer and features metallic branding and hardware. It contains a collection of Cohiba classics and a curated selection of unique and rare offerings from the esteemed brand. Calling upon biometric technology, the humidor can be opened either by the owner’s fingerprint or by an enclosed key.

The eight-drawer masterpiece of design comes with an anthology of Toro-sized Cohiba cigars, including the original Cohiba XV; Cohiba Spectre from the 2018, 2019 and 2021 collections; Cohiba Silencio; Cohiba Edición Diamante; Cohiba Royale and Cohiba Red Dot Reserve, a proprietary blend created exclusively for this release. Included in the covetable humidor are a total of 107 cigars, representing the work of artisans in the Dominican Republic and Honduras.

Orders for the ultra-exclusive Cohiba Biometric Humidor are being taken now, and the item will ship to retailers in mid-November. This humidor is being offered at a suggested retail price of $5,500, with a total production of 130 humidors.

Cohiba Brand Ambassador Sean Williams said, “The Biometric Humidor is the quintessential representation of the Cohiba brand. The humidor and the cigars within pay homage to the art of cigar making and assert Cohiba’s position as an alchemist of craftsmanship, style and extravagant taste in the handmade cigar space.”

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