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Cohiba Announces Spectre 2022 (Update)

February 3, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco



Update: This story was published using a press release provided to us by Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG). Today, we received a follow up stating some of that information was incorrect. The cigar is known as the Spectre 2022 not the Spectre 2023. In addition, the binder on the Spectre 2022 is a hybrid of pelo de oro and Connecticut-seed tobacco, not just pelo de oro.

The artisans of Cohiba are proud to debut the fourth expression of Cohiba Spectre, a small batch creation that marries the art of cigar making to the luxury of indulgence.

Blended by master artisans, Cohiba Spectre is crafted with five varietals of tobacco, each the finest example of the growing regions, soils and microclimates from which they were harvested. When met with proprietary aging and fermentation techniques, the tobaccos that comprise Cohiba Spectre cascade to an intriguing and complex smoking experience.

Sean Williams, brand ambassador for Cohiba said, “Cohiba Spectre 2022 embodies our tradition of creating exceptional smoking experiences. We spent two years developing this extraordinary cigar, calling upon our passion for tobacco, commitment to craftsmanship and our love of design. As with previous Cohiba Spectre releases, the 2022 expression is peerless, and can never be replicated.”

Handcrafted in Santiago, Dominican Republic at General Cigar Dominicana, Cohiba Spectre is crowned with a rare aged Brazilian wrapper leaf that was harvested in 2008 and selected as equally for the intricate notes it imparts, as for the luster of its appearance. Cohiba Spectre 2022 marks the first time a Brazilian wrapper has been used in a Cohiba cigar, deepening the allure of the smoke.

The binder is a wrapper-quality hybrid of Pelo d’Oro and Connecticut seed leaf grown exclusively for Cohiba in the Connecticut River Valley.

The blend of filler tobaccos embody tobacco mastery, calling upon hand-selected leaves and a range of primings to elicit a refined and rich experience. It features tobaccos from Honduran Jamastran, Olancho San Agustin and La Entrada, with Nicaraguan Estelí Ligero and Viso leaves blended in harmony with Dominican Piloto Cubano. Together the tobaccos deliver a rich and layered experience. With notes of cocoa, baking-spice sweetness and a slight earthiness, Cohiba Spectre 2022 maintains its medium-to-full-bodied balance throughout the body of the cigar.

A mere 600 boxes of Cohiba Spectre 2022 have been produced, and the exquisite cigars are made by two elite teams of cigar makers revered for their exceptional dexterity and unwavering passion for their craft. Ms. Carmen Carolina Toribio and Mr. Bernavel Sanches, roller and buncher, respectively, and Ms. Isabel Rodriguez with Ms. Rosmery Gomez, roller and buncher, respectively were selected to handmake Cohiba Spectre 2022.

Cohiba Spectre 2022 will be released in a singular size, a 6″ x 52 vitola called Toro, which was selected to elevate the enjoyment of the blend.

The presentation of Cohiba Spectre 2022 is awe-inspiring. Beneath the elegant, soft-touch matte box, a customized hydraulic system elevates the collection of cigars, each protected in individual gold and silver tubes and enhanced with exclusive individual humidification from Integra Boost™ to ensure optimal enjoyment of the blend.

Following a mid-March 2022 ship date, a box of Cohiba Spectre 2022 can be purchased at select retailers for $1,299.90. Individual cigars will sell for a suggested retail price of $129.99. Once the blend is depleted, it will not be re-released.

Cohiba Spectre debuted in 2018 and the limited-edition release was sold out on the day of its debut. The second expression of the brand launched in 2019 and was met with a similar response. The third expression of Spectre premiered in 2021 to a growing demand for the ultra-luxury collection.

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