Cigarz on the Avenue Launches Andalusian Bull “The Golden Lucky No. 7”

March 1, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco



Cigarz on the Avenue and La Flor Dominicana are proud to announce the World Premier of the Andalusian Bull “The Golden Lucky No. 7” cigar. This cigar is the final chapter of a first of its kind elite NFT project by La Flor Domincana called the Golden NFT. As part of this project 7 unique NFTs were designed by La Flor Domincana’s own Tony Gomez with Cigarz on the Avenue claiming ownership of the final NFT, which is being heralded as the “Lucky No. 7,” in the final moments of the NFT auction in August of 2022.

“The Andalusian Bull has been a unicorn of a cigar, and this project has elevated the brand to an even higher level.  I knew when the project was first announced that Cigarz on the Avenue would be a perfect home for the “Lucky No. 7″. As the auction came close to its end, I was obsessed with owning it and went all in.” said Don Patel, Owner at Cigarz on the Avenue.

“The Golden Lucky No. 7” will premier with a two-hour private VIP event featuring La Flor Dominicana Vice President of Sales Jonathan M. Carney and Vice President Tony Gomez, creator of the Golden NFT program. At this event, VIP Guests will experience pours of Macallan M (25- to 75-year-old aged whiskey), 24 Karat Gold Encrusted Wagyu Tomahawk Ribeyes, 24k Gold Infused Saffron White Truffle Mashed Potatoes, and tastings from Cigarz on the Avenue’s new “Golden Menu.” 

The “Golden Menu” features cocktails made to be paired, but also can be enjoyed independently, with “The Golden Lucky No. 7 Cigar.” The highlights of the Golden Menu feature an Old Fashioned (Lucky No. 7 Old Fashioned) smoked with tobacco from the “Lucky No. 7 Cigar,” a 24k gold infused sparkling wine cocktail (Golden Royale No. 7), and a Turkish style coffee (The No.7 Golden Café) served with chocolate truffles that pours as liquid gold. All cocktails on the menu feature Bhakta Armagnac 2707 or Bhakta 50 with the exception of the sparkling wine cocktail, which features Hennessey V.S.O.P Privilege. All cocktails will feature Buffa Bitters selection of craft bitters which are a Central Florida based bitters brand founded by distiller and cigar enthusiast Michael Buffa of Winter Park. 

“The commitment to detail that Cigarz on the Avenue has taken with the Golden NFT project has been truly humbling for all of us at LFD.” says Jonathan Carney, Vice President of Sales, La Flor Dominicana. “The launch of their No. 7 is a night we are honored to be a part of.” 


Founded in 1996, Cigarz on the Avenue has become the pillar for premium cigar experiences in the Winter Park Community. The company offers a wide range of premium cigars such as La Flor Dominicna, Padron, Byron, Atabey, Alfonso, Ashton, Fuente Fuente Opus X, Oliva Melanio and is a Davidoff White Label purveyor and winner of their prestigious Golden Band Award.

Cigarz on the Avenue will open at 8:00 pm eastern time to present the “Lucky No. 7” to the public which is immediately following the VIP Premier.

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