Cigar Industry Airport Selfie Contest Returns By Way of Smokin Tabacco

February 26, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco

If you have been around longer than the past year or two you probably remember the airport selfie contest. William Cooper, its owner, has given us his blessing to carry the torch of this tradition. Moving forward, entries will be eligible to win a monetary prize and an award at the end of the year by following the rules below:

  1. You must tag Smokin Tabacco on the social media platform you are using

  2. You must use the hash tag #SmokinTabaccoAirportSelfieContest

  3. You must be in the photo

  4. Creativity and originally is strongly recommended if you truly want to win as the best entry will be selected.

  5. Have fun with this

Winners will be selected during the annual cigar industry awards season in January but the cutoff for the year is December 31 2023. If you do not follow the rules above you will not be eligible for selection. Please feel free to message one of us fi you have any questions. Lets see those posts!

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