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CAO Will Ring In The Holiday Season With Twelve Days Box

October 13, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco



CAO is kicking off the season with an advent calendar-inspired box that’s filled with a treasure trove of the brand’s highly-rated blends.

New for 2022, the CAO “12 Days” box follows the modern advent calendar format where a unique gift is hidden behind a door to be opened consecutively for a series of days leading up to the holidays.

CAO fans who purchase the twelve-cigar box will receive a dozen Toro-sized smokes, each representing the brand’s top selling collections.

For a suggested retail price of $108.08, the twelve pack contains one each of the following CAO smokes:

  1. MX2 Toro (6″ x 54)

  2. Italia Gondola (6.25″ x 54)

  3. Brazilia Samba (6.25″ x 54)

  4. American Monument (6.25″ x 54)

  5. Steel Horse Bullneck (6.5″ x 52)

  6. Flathead Camshaft (5.5″ x 54)

  7. Colombia Magdalena (6.25 ” x 52)

  8. Pilon Toro (6.25″ x 54)

  9. Session Garage (5.25″ x 54)

  10. Bones Blind Hughie (6″ x 54)

  11. Zocalo Toro (6.25″ x 54)

  12. BX3 Toro (6″ x 54).

The CAO Twelve Days box will ship to retailers this week and will be in select stores starting on or about October 17th.

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