Amendola Family Cigar Co Announces Florida Representation

June 16, 2021 By Matthew Tabacco

Amendola Family Cigar Co. announces that they are now represented in the State of Florida. Tobacconists in Florida who are interested in Amendola Family Cigar Co. are asked to please contact representative Kim Keeney at 561-379-9108 or 

Christopher Monaco, Principle of Amendola Family Cigar Co. stated: “Jeffrey Amendola and I are excited to offer our brands to the cigar smoking public in Florida. We look forward to growing into other markets soon.”

Recently, Amendola Family Cigar co. announced their distribution deal with Illusione Cigars and announced the release of the Signature Series Cannoli Green and Cannoli White cigar brands.

Jeffrey Amendola, a proud New York native, launched Amendola Family Cigar Co. in 2017, but his tobacco journey began in 2010. In his previous profession as a police officer, Jeffrey became immersed in what started as a cigar hobby. His passion for cigars grew and traveled to Ybor Cigar in 2012. There he learned to blend and roll premium cigars under the direction of Odelma Matos. In 2011, his blending and rolling education led to opening a small factory and tobacconist shop in Durham, N.C. In his mind the next logical step was to create his own brand, named in honor of what he cherishes most, family.  

Amendola Cigars was established in 2017. First generation cigar blender and roller Jeffrey Amendola combined his passion for cigars with his Italian family heritage to create Amendola Cigars. Together with business partner and best friend, Christopher Monaco, Amendola Cigars boast a series of cigar brands that proudly represent their Italian American heritage.

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