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Alec Bradley Cigar Co. Announces Line Expansion of Project 40 & Project 40 Maduro Lines

June 16, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco



Alec Bradley Cigar Co. today announced the expansion of their award-winning Experimental Series lines: Project 40 and Project 40 Maduro. Each line will receive a 7″ X 70 ring-gauge iteration, dubbed 07.70. Presented in 24-count, futuristic white boxes with their respective line designations, these fan-favorite large cigars will officially be offered for sale to tobacconists at the 2022 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show, happening July 8-12 at the Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV.

“We listened to the needs of our brand advocates and found it was the right time to add 7″ X 70 ring-gauge cigars to both lines,” said Alec Bradley Founder, Alan Rubin. “When we first launched the Project 40 Experimental Series, I promised the right cigar, with the right blend, at the right price. That statement still stands for these new iterations.”

Project 40 was first introduced in 2019, soon receiving a rating of 93 points, the twenty-fourth spot on Cigar Aficionado Magazine’s “Top 25” list, as well as multiple “Best Value” accolades from the magazine. In a review, the editors of Cigar Aficionado also noted that Project 40 “…could easily cost twice as much.” Project 40 Maduro was introduced in 2020 and has received 90 points and a “Best Value” accolade from Cigar Aficionado. Cigar enthusiasts will be happy to know that the value proposition is still intact for the two new iterations, with the Project 40 07.70 retailing for $8.85 per cigar and the Project 40 Maduro 07.70 retailing for $9.50 per cigar- both before applicable sales or excise tax.

The secondary moniker: “Experimental Series” is attributed to Mr. Rubin’s quest to blend under-utilized Brazilian tobacco in a meaningful way. He found that using it as the binder in the Project 40 blends was best for creating a unique and flavorful cigar experience. Both Project 40 and Project 40 Maduro 07.70 will retain the same blend as their predecessors:

Project 40 – Wrapper: Nicaragua | Binder: Brazil | Filler: Nicaragua
Project 40 Maduro- Wrapper: San Andreas | Binder: Brazil | Filler: Nicaragua

Alec Bradley Project 40 and Project 40 Maduro 07.70 are being produced in Nicaragua, and will debut, alongside the recently announced third line release in the Experimental Series: Double Broadleaf, at the PCA Trade Show. Shipping is scheduled for August, 2022.

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