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Aganorsa Adds New Vitola to JFR – Mi Favorito

September 23, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco

For the first time in over half a decade, Aganorsa Leaf is adding a new size to the original JFR brand portfolio: Mi Favorito. Measuring 5 x 70 and featuring a thick pigtail, Mi Favorito will be crafted in both the Corojo and Maduro expressions of the blend.

“In a market that for many years now has been trending toward what’s new and flashy, JFR remains our most popular brand despite debuting nearly 20 years ago: a testament to the quality of the blend and the value it provides,” states Terence Reilly, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

“We felt a new size was long overdue and so we selected a squat, corpulent vitola that fits perfectly amongst the other sizes of the line.” Packed in Boxes of 28, JFR Mi Favorito’s suggested retail price will be $8.30 (Corojo) and $8.70 (Maduro). Boxes will begin shipping to retailers in October.


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