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Smokin Tabacco Raises $52,840 in Third Annual CFCF Fundrasier

April 26, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco



Today, Smokin Tabacco’s annual Cigar Family Charitable Foundation ended and for the second year in a row, they exceeded the amount previously raised the year before. This year’s fundraiser ended at a whopping $52,840.

In year one in 2021, Smokin Tabacco raised $7,000. In year two, Smokin Tabacco raised $25,500 before Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr. called to say he would match the final total bringing it to $51,000. This year exceed the total from last year and set a new bar for how far the community can go to raise money for such an amazing cause. To date, the Smokin Tabacco CFCF Fundraiser has helped raised over $110,000 for the children who call Bonao home.

“We were blown away with the end result this year. It isn’t just about the money, it’s about the kids first and foremost. However, I have personally been to Bonao, Dominican Republic where these children call home and I have seen firsthand the conditions they have lived in before and how the live now. I know just how much this amount of money can do for them. I am so proud of everyone who came together to help make this happen. I want to thank each and every person who donated money and to all the brands who so graciously donated items for us to raffle off. Finally on behalf of the children who this benefits, thank you. You changed a life today, never forget that.” says Matt Tabacco, owner of Smokin Tabacco.

Tonight at 7PM EST, Matt and Nicole Tabacco and Mitchell Santaga will celebrate this achievement and announce the winners of the raffle. You can watch on our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.

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