S.T. Dupont Begins Shipping Big D Lighters

October 25, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco

S.T. Dupont has announced the launch of the new 2023 Premium Jet Flame series, combining S.T. Dupont’s iconic Line 2 lighter design with their expert “jet” flame. One of those lighters is the Big D, and we got to check it out back in July at PCA 2023 in Las Vegas. S.T. Dupont is revisiting tradition with a new range of lighters featuring a torch flame. 

The Big ‘D’ is available in 5 different finishes: 

  • 2 Diamond Head designs in palladium or yellow gold 
  • 3 Lacquer finishes in black with palladium trim, black with gold trim and blue lacquer with yellow gold trim

The shape of the cap, the trim and the design are all inspired by the Line 2, S.T. Dupont’s iconic flip-top soft flame lighter with the perfect ping. Their shapes and proportions are fundamental and well-balanced combining S.T. Dupont’s traditional style with more contemporary designs. In regards to the flame itself, it is a “flat flame” or also referred to as a “blade flame” for its distinct flat nature versus a standard round jet torch flame on most torch lighters. The flat flame torch lighters are unique and seem to becoming more and more popular. S.T. Dupont also makes the Slim 7 and Mega Jet lighters, both of which are also flat flame.

This extra wide flame is easy to use and helps toast larger cigar gauges in both indoor and outdoor conditions. The wide flat flame completely covers the surface of the cigar foot, in order to quickly and evenly light and toast the cigar while preserving the whole flavor of the tobacco.

This is also S.T. Dupont’s largest single flat blue flame (compared to the others I listed above) at .75 inches wide, powerfully heating up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. This flat flame lighters are also windproof, with Dupont claiming they are able to resist winds up to 44 mph. It also features Dupont’s inversion safety feature, preventing the lighter from igniting when in the downward position, just like all of their other torch flame lighters. The flame is adjustable at the base of the lighter and is refillable using S.T. Dupont’s black bottle gas…or if you don’t mind voiding your warranty, you can use any other regular butane fuel that you would like.

In terms of pricing, the three lacquer finish versions have an MSRP of $425, while the diamond head gold and chrome versions have an MSRP of $450. A representative from Coles of London confirmed these are now shipping to retailers.

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