Room101 #PCA2022

July 21, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco

Matt Booth and his Room101 booth full of tricks were in attendance at PCA 2022. However, many speculated that he wouldn’t be after the sale of Room101 to STG. Yet there he was, with some Forged employees including Justin Andrews nearby. In typical fashion, Room101 was a simple black backdrop with the “Sakura’ style logo on it in white. A stand up video game cabinet sits to the far right corner close to the Ferio Tego booth. In the back of the booth between black drapes lies a stripper pole and cash guns and on the table out front is a Connect Four game covered in cardboard and a duct taped hole in the center. We expected nothing less.

Small podiums showcasing Matt’s cigars and gin as well as the two products he redesigned for General – Los Statos Deluxe and Sancho Panza. Last year’s 12th Anniversary, this year’s 13th Anniversary and Namakubi are all showcased. Matt tells us the 13th Anniversary will start shipping “soonish” – otherwise know as sometime this Fall. He also revealed that Namakubi will become an annual holiday release and will still partially raise funds for Keep Memory Alive which supports those affected by Alzheimers. The Big Payback also gets an extension with a Nicaraguan version that was not on display until the final day of the show.

Many believe that this could have been Matt’s swan song however. With General no longer taking part in the PCA Trade Show, its likely he will not be back next year. Although it is probably safe bet to say we will see all of them at TPE 2023 in February. We also presented him with his award for Best Show Guest of 2021, be sure sure to check it out in our interview below.

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