Room 101 to release Johnny Tobacconaut as Regular Production

July 12, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco



That’s one small step for humans. And one giant leap for Johnny Tobacconaut.

In August, Room101 will launch anew expression ofJohnny Tobacconaut. The cult-favorite brand, which spawned the first moon man in the premium cigar category and now commands more on the secondary market than any other collectible cigar in recent history, is back with an otherworldly-performing collection of four smokes made in collaboration with AJ Fernandez

Matt Booth declared, “Johnny Tobacconaut is ready to take onthe world. As the popularity of this sub-brand continues to surge, we are releasing a cigar fit for the chaser of a galactic experience. It has elegance and sophistication with strength and complexity balanced among the elements. Johnny Tobacconaut delivers anything but a monochromatic performance. There are peaks and valleys of nuances and notes and smooth transitions. I can firmly say it’s one of the best blends I’ve ever collaborated on.”

Handcrafted at Tabacalera AJ Fernandez, Johnny Tobacconaut is made with a proprietary assortment of Nicaraguan filler tobacco from various growing regions and has a Mexican binder. The blend is enrobed in an Ecuadorian-grownConnecticut Shade wrapper.

Johnny Tobacconaut

  • Robusto (5″ x 50); SRP per cigar $8.99

  • Toro/ (6″ x 52); SRP per cigar $9.99

  • Gordo (6″ x 60); SRP per cigar $10.99

  • Perfecto(6″ x 56); SPR per cigar $15.99

Matt Booth concluded, “We look forward to continuing to evolve Johnny Tobacconautin many ways, shapes and forms. And while this is not the end all, be all realization of this brand, it is a solid look forward that we will build on over the years to come. Rest assured: Johnny Tobacconaut will continue to evolve, just as space and time evolve.”

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