Quality Importers Announces Xikar Hedron Lighters for Cigars International

October 9, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco

Quality Importers Trading Company has announced the availability of the Xikar Hedron Lighter, now exclusively offered through Cigars International and Thompson Cigar to the United States.

Xikar Hedron Lighter sets a new standard as the first of its kind to feature an innovative flame system. This contemporary system incorporates a single-jet flame positioned at the center of the lighter, encircled by a ring of six soft flames, resulting in a more robust flame while retaining the elegance of a traditional soft flame lighter. As Jimmy Miudo, Executive Vice President of Product Design, Sourcing, and Business Intelligence at Quality Importers explains, “A more robust flame, the more girth to light your cigar faster.”

Designed for utmost convenience, the Xikar Hedron Lighter includes a flip-top lid and a smooth pull-down ignition mechanism, ensuring a comfortable fit in your hand. Equipped with a side fuel window and an oversized flame adjustment wheel, users have the flexibility to conveniently fine-tune the flame height to their preference. Xikar Hedron Lighter is available in four traditional colors: Black, Chrome/Black, Blue/Black, and Red/Black. Wind-tested for optimal performance, the lighter combines efficiency with style and is backed by the standard Xikar lifetime warranty.

Exclusively available through Cigars International and Thompson Cigar, Xikar Hedron Lighter is offered at an MSRP of $200.00, providing cigar enthusiasts with an extraordinary lighting experience.

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