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Oliva – PCA 2023

August 13, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco



For the last few years, we havent covered Oliva but not out of spite or any negative connotation. But this year we made sure we made contact with them and covered everything we could for them. Why do I say this? Well, because most media doesn’t cover them with the exception of Halfwheel and Cigar-Coop. That stopped for Smokin Tabacco this year.

Walking into the Oliva booth was nice, however it was an extremely bust booth. Oliva was using the same booth that we have seen them in the last few years. Not much has changed here but it isn’t a bad booth either. Good size with plenty of space and tables and chairs for all of the sales reps to meet with retailers. Lots of brown display cases and cream-colored carpet that feels very Oliva to me (based on much of their color scheme from packaging). In addition, Oliva has a separate booth for Cuba Aliados next to it.



First off, Oliva was showing off their Roaring Twenties Super Limited Edition cigars that are half wrapped in gold. Yes, gold. Plus, you can smoke one if you want to pony up $300 for one of these cigars. What is also very different is that the boxes are being made by Daniel Marshall and Oliva has vowed to donate all of the profits to its own foundation – the Oliva Helping Hands Foundation. This organization helps to fund education fir children in Nicaragua, similar to the CFCF foundation.

It is offered only in one size, a double perfecto that measures 6 x 60. The blend uses an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper over Nicaraguan binder and fillers, the same as the standard Serie V blend. As I said before, it has an MSRP of $300, which may be the most expensive cigar at PCA 2023. Production is limited to 300 boxes of 10 cigars each. Expect this towards the end of the year.



Oliva was also one of several brands that had humidors being release with Elie Bleu at the trade show this year. Theirs is designed to be modeled after their Nicaraguan factory, Tabacalera Oliva de Nicaragua S.A. (TABOLISA). This limited-edition humidor comes with 123 cigars, 41 Serie V Torpedo, 41 Serie V Maduro Double Robusto and 41 Serie V Melanio Figurado. There is not a price on these at this time or a date of shipping. However, we are told that this is the first of three versions and releases of these humidors over the next few years. Total production is limited to 123 humidors.



Finally, we also saw the Oliva Serie V Melanio Edicion Ano 2023. This cigar was formerly only available in the previous special Elie Bleu humidor that Oliva released back in 2021. Each of those contained 95 cigars with 21 of them being exclusive only to the humidor which were these. Now, they will be available on their own.

Oliva Serie V Melanio Edicion Ano 2023 is a 5 1/2 x 52 double perfecto. The blend is the same as the standard blend of the Melanio Serie V. It also has the name Figuriños and there is a total production of 14,500 boxes of 10 cigars each. Expect to see these around September for an MSRP of $20 each.

Watch our interview at the Oliva booth below.

Matt Tabacco

Born and raised in New England, Matthew Tabacco began smoking cigars and living up to his unique namesake in 2017. What began as just a social indulgence became a world of everything premium cigars- learning from some of the biggest and best in the business. From casual smoking to lighting up on the hit podcast The Smokin Tabacco Show, Matthew can usually be found in some of the largest smoke shops in the Northeast enjoying a cigar, talking business, or preparing for a show.

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