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Official Smokin Tabacco 2021 Cigar of the Year Contenders

November 26, 2021 By Matthew Tabacco

Last year was our first year running our website. In addition to that, we decided to participate in awarding a manufacturer with a “Cigar of the Year’. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned. We tried to use a public voting platform that unfortunately was canceled and taken down due to potential tampering by voters.

This year, the Smokin Tabacco Cigar of the Year will be chosen and voted upon internally by our team and a few others we have selected to help. We are beginning this process by announcing our Top 25 Cigars of 2021 which are in no particular order. We will then unveil the top ten in order starting December 1st until the winner is announced by unveiling the final two. 

Taking into consideration our struggles of last year as well as the Pandemic which altered the industry, we have chosen cigars released between the end of 2019 and fall 2021. However, going forward to be eligible for Cigar of the Year, a cigar will have to have been released and on store shelves by the first day of that year’s Premium Cigar Association Trade Show. Micro, store exclusive, subscription based and personal releases are not eligible. 


Introducing the 2021 Smokin Tabacco Cigar of the Year Contenders:


•       Rocky Patel “Sixty” Toro

•       All Saints “Saint Francis” Robusto

•       Plasencia “Alma Fuerte Colorado” Sixto

•       Drew Estate “Undercrown 10” Toro

•       Room101 “11th Anniversary” Torpedo

•       JC Newman “The American” Double Robusto

•       Montecristo “1935 Anniversary” Churchill

•       United Cigars “Abuelo” Padre

•       Micallef “A” Churchill

•       Arturo Fuente “Rare Pink” Best Seller

•       Cavalier Geneve “BII Viso Jalapa” Toro

•       Davidoff “Dominicana” Toro

•       El Septimo “King Sargon”

•       HVC “Hot Cake” Gran Canon

•       Jake Wyatt “Lithium” Belicoso

•       Aganorsa Leaf “Rare Leaf” 

•       La Flor Dominicana “25th Anniversary”

•       Perdomo “10th Anniversary Maduro” Epicure

•       Tatuaje “Cojonu 2021”

•       Aganorsa Leaf “Supreme Leaf” Torpedo

•       JC Newman “Yagua”

•       L’Atelier 4 ½ x 46

•       Aladino “Corojo Reserva” Box Pressed Figurado

•       Camacho “Factory Unleashed”

•       7-20-4 “Factory 57” Churchill


Only ten of these cigars will be highlighted and only one will win. Stay tuned and be sure to follow us on social media to get the updates and announcements as they are released. Cigar #10 will be unveiled December 1st.

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