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Micallef Cigars Will Retire the Grande Bold Line in January 2023

November 4, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco

Micallef Cigars announced the Grande Bold portfolio of cigars will be retired in January 2023. Micallef is actively working with their Brick & Mortar partners over the next 90 days to develop a solution for each shop. Consumers who enjoy Grande Bold will benefit from various retailers who are preparing specials.

The remaining Grande Bold cigars not sold by Micallef Cigars will be donated to Cigars for Warriors. The donation will ensure these cigars do not find their way to e-commerce-only discounters. Micallef is a brick-and-mortar first manufacturer and does not sell its products to websites with predatory pricing.

Launched at IPCPR in 2018, the Grande Bold brand provided 5 blends. Distinguished by their red boxes, Grande Bold consists of 22 vitolas across the Ligero, Maduro, Mata Fina, Nicaragua, and Sumatra lines.

During the initial years of FDA regulation, the ability to construct new products without predicates was a significant concern. Today with a more optimistic regulatory environment, Micallef Cigars will move forward relying on their own factory in Estelí, Nicaragua, and its exclusive predicates. The company has seen significant growth with the lines produced out of their factory; these include the Connecticut, Experiencia La Crema, Herencia Habano, Herencia Maduro, Leyenda, Micallef A, Migdalia, Reata, Reserva, and Torcedores.

“We are excited about how the investments we’ve made in our factory and tobacco inventory are producing Micallef Cigars people love!” Said Dan Thompson, President of Micallef Cigars “We are focusing our portfolio to better serve consumers through our family-owned Brick & Mortar business partners. This business decision positions us to oversee the journey from the field to our friends and ensures the best experience.” Micallef Cigars manufactures a million cigars annually in their Nicaraguan factory. Based on feedback from their ambassador community, Micallef Cigars will be introducing robustos in their popular Reata and Micallef A blends in early 2023.

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