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Miami Cigar Co. to Release Limited Edition for Nestor Miranda’s 80th Birthday

June 27, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco



Miami Cigar & Co. to release the limited edition NM80 cigar brand to commemorate Nestor Miranda’s 80th birthday at the 2023 PCA show. Only 500 boxes of 3 unique sizes were created. The release of the NM80 will coincide with an invitation only event celebrating his birthday at Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge at Resorts World on Saturday July 8, 2023 8:00PM.

Nestor Miranda is inarguably one of the most iconic figures in the industry. Someone who built a successful company along with its respective brands, from the ground up and considered a friend to all in the industry.

Jason Wood, Vice President of Miami Cigar and Nestor’s son-in-law teamed up with My Father Cigar and created the blend in secret, only recently presenting it to Nestor.

The NM80 is a Nicaraguan puro created using material from My Father Cigar’s vast library of tobacco. The tobacco was carefully chosen by the My Father team with Nestor’s palate in mind. The cigar is medium-bodied, elegant and delivers a very refined smoking experience.

Jason Wood said: “I really wanted to create a cigar that Nestor could be proud of. The entire project was tailor-made for Nestor, vitolas, blend and packaging all have that Miranda elegance that makes him the man that we all love. “

 Details on the NM80 vitolas are as follows:

  • Ruky 5 5/8 x 48-52 – MSRP $18

  • Lancero 7 ½ x 38 – MSRP $19

  • Danno 7 x 56 – MSRP $20

 Director of Miami Cigar & Co., Nestor Miranda said: “2023 is truly a special year for the company and for me personally. I look forward to celebrating with my friends, colleagues, and customers!”

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