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Meerapfel Cigars to Debut New “Meir” Cigar at InterTabac 2022

September 15, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco



Following the overwhelming reception of its world premiere, Meerapfel Cigar introduces its second cigar in four new vitolas. The “Meir” cigar honors Meir Meerapfel and is presented in what Meerapfel calls “ornamented caskets” which are luxurious ashtrays inside of a wooden sheath with the cigars being presented in the ashtray. Each casket showcases ten Double Robusto cigars (5 ¾ x 52) with a flagtail, as well as boxes each holding twenty-five Robusto (4 ⅞ x 50), Churchill (7 x 47) & Pyramid (6 ⅛ x 52) cigars.

According to a press release from Meerapfel, “In 1876, Meir Meerapfel officially set up the Meerapfel cigar factory in the village of Untergrombach, Germany. Vision turned into history: the Genesis. The Meir Meerapfel Master Blend is the quintessential expression of a Genesis spirit that proudly rests upon the most traditional values of perfection, a covenant of utmost respect, finesse and pure elegance – it is the GENESIS of UberLuxury.”

As with every Meerapfel Cigar, production is limited to 613 boxes yearly per vitola and is allocated to specifically partnered premium cigar retailers around the world. The Meir cigar was exclusively pre-viewed during a media event at the Château de Moxhe in Belgium and will be on display at the 2022 InterTabac in Dortmund (Hall 7, booth 7.B01).

At the Chateau de Moxhe, Meerapfel also divulged one of its “Creation Unique” cigar projects, specifically conceptualized for one esteemed customer. With a yearly allocation value of $1.25 Million and personally tailored by Jeremiah Meerapfel, the “Creation Unique” projects are one in a Million.

The unveiling of this new Meerapfel Cigar Master Blend during an exclusive media dinner party at the historical Château de Moxhe continues to define what Meerapfel calls a new segment in the premium cigar industry; “UberLuxury”. During that exceptional evening, Jeremiah Meerapfel personally delivered to an esteemed customer his “Création Unique”.

001.  MEERAPFEL Cigar Single Feature Double Robusto Master Blend Meir.jpg
002. MEERAPFEL Cigar Single Feature Churchill Master Blend Meir.jpg
003. MEERAPFEL Cigar Single Feature Pyramid Master Blend Meir.jpg
004. MEERAPFEL Cigar Single Feature Robusto Master Blend Meir.jpg
005. MEERAPFEL Cigar Casket Double Robusto Master Blend Meir.jpg

010. MEERAPFEL Cigar Chest Churchill Master Blend Meir.jpg
006. MEERAPFEL Cigar Chest and Casket Double Robusto Master Blend Meir.jpg
007. MEERAPFEL Cigar Chest Half Open Churchill Master Blend Meir.jpg

“Unique people wish for unique products” states Meerapfel. “The Cigar must be as unique as his Master. It is important I understand and respect the soul and heart of the individual the “Creation Unique’ will reflect. It is the only way I can capture the essence of the person and immortalize this energy through the sacred leaf.” The “Creation Unique” projects debut at $1.25 million and are rarely publicly disclosed.

Meir cigars will be available in the following sizes:

  • Robusto (4 ⅞ x 50) – MSRP: $46.00 each

  • Churchill (7 x 47) – MSRP: $54.00 each

  • Pyramid (6 ⅛ x 52) – MSRP: $62.00 each

  • Double Robusto (5 ¾ x 52) – MSRP $94 each

Each size is limited to 613 boxes per year. Meerapfel Cigar will start shipping sometime in the Fall of this year.

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