Luciano Cigars – PCA 2023

August 14, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco



Luciano Cigars had two separate booth plots, one which was an open concept booth with a few nice sofa style seating and some basic chair seating to do business. Product was displayed in nicely lit horizontal display cases. The booth was bordered with branding of some of the brands Luciano Cigars distributes as well as produces. The second booth had a nice fake grass backdrop with the Luciano logo alongside a nice metal outdoor deck space style seating and table arrangement. Behind the grass wall was a private area for Luciano’s staff to relax and store some samples. 

Firstly Luciano Cigars has expanded the Maria Lucia line with three new vitolas and will be producing all vitolas in the brand as a coreline. The new vitolas are all box pressed with a Gorda 5 ⅝ x 46, a Robusto 6 ½ x 50, and a Canonazo 5 ⅞ x 52. The original vitola, Magnum 5 ¼ x 54 is still being offered. Boxes will now be offered in 24 count format, and prices range from $11.50-$13.00.



A new line Luciano was showcasing at the tradeshow was the Y Panda. A collaboration between Linxu “Panda” Yan and Luciano. The line represents the struggle between yin and yang by incorporating tobaccos that are contrasting on the palate and cause disruption, yet blend together to create a unique experience. Wrapper is Ecuadorian Corojo 98, a double binder one Brazilian Arapiraca and the other Ecuadorian Sumatra, with fillers from Nicaragua’s Jalapa and Esteli regions. It is offered in 4 vitolas Corona Gorda, Toro, Robusto, And Sublime 6 ½ x 54. MSRP ranges from $10.20-$13.70. 



The final two lines showcased for Luciano Cigars are a combination of distribution agreement and blend collaboration with Salih Dalay of Dalay Zigarren, a German based brand that distributes Luciano Cigars in Germany. The Istanbul is a unique blend honoring Salihs heritage and incorporates Turkish Tobacco, Kentucky air-cured, and Dominican tobaccos in the filler, Ecuadorian Habano Corojo 99 wrapper, and a Pennsylvanian wrapper. 3 Vitolas are offered Robusto, Toro, and Principe ranging from $17-$20. The last cigar is the Dalay Nicaragua blended by Luciano. It is wrapped in Ecuadorian Corojo 98, Brazilian and Ecuadorian binders, and Nicaraguan fillers. 4 Vitolas are offered Corona Gorda, Toro, Robusto, Gran Toro ranging from $10.50-$13.30. 



Don’t forget to watch the entire interview from PCA 2023 with Luciano below. Photos courtesy of Luciano Cigars.

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Being a Canadian resident, the tobacconist introduced Mitchell to Cuban cigars and for special occasions he would light up a Cuban cigar. After exploring the Cuban portfolio, he stumbled into new world cigars and fell in love with the bold flavors and great consistency and construction. Ever since then he has been entrenched in exploring as much of the new world cigars and finding his favorites to keep in the humidor.

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