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Luciano Cigars Hires Mark Reddy as CEO, Promotes Ed Trevino to VP of Sales

November 18, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco
Mark Reddy

Luciano Cigars has announced Mark Reddy as its newly appointed Chief Executive Officer. With over two decades of experience in business expansion and brand building, Reddy is primed to bring his extensive expertise to the innovative and integrated premium cigar company, Luciano Cigars.

Mark Reddy’s collaboration with Luciano Meirelles, president and founder of Luciano Cigars, is rooted in years of friendship and professional alliances. Mark’s appointment arrives at a key juncture for Luciano Cigars, as the company continues to fortify its market position and extend its influence.

“Mark has been a crucial collaborator since our initial launch. His insightful advice and unwavering loyalty have been fundamental to our growth. As a brilliant leader, his strategic approach is already proving beneficial to our team. We’re thrilled to have him back with us.” says Luciano Meirelles, President and co-founder of Luciano Cigars. In light of these appointments, the structure of the company will undergo a few changes while Luciano Meirelles will concentrate on his role as company president.

“I am immensely proud of joining Luciano Cigars team. Their achievement to this point is a testament to their collective efforts, from the agriculture and tobacco production teams that produce top-quality tobacco to our sales, marketing, and distribution teams that breathe life into our brands,” said Mark Reddy. “Luciano Cigars’ success is due to our outstanding products but mainly our supportive clients, partners, and ardent advocates. Their unwavering support inspires us to strive for excellence.” says Mark Reddy, Newly appointed CEO.

Luciano Cigars is also excited to reveal Ed Trevino’s promotion to the post of Vice President of Sales. Ed will concentrate on the company’s growth objectives while working with the Executive Leadership Team. Ed Trevino, who joined Luciano Cigars as Director of Sales last year, has over three decades of experience. Treviño has been instrumental in growing the Luciano Cigars client base with his sales and leadership skills, captaining six in-house reps and three brokers throughout the nation.

With these new appointments, Luciano Meirelles will concentrate on his role as company president. He will continue to play a pivotal role in guiding the business. As a seasoned tobacconist, farmer and blender, his deep passion for the craft and the artisans producing top-tier cigars, coupled with his natural ability to share his knowledge of cigars, philosophy, and culture with anyone curious to discover the Truth.

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