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Luciano Cigars Announces Branded Lounges 

October 17, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco

Luciano Cigars announced the recent and upcoming opening of brand-sponsored lounges across the US, and the launch of its global Lounge Sponsorship Program. 

The company has established itself as a world-class, vertically integrated premium cigar business, crafting award-winning cigars from seed to smoke. By collaborating with well-established, marquee local cigar retailers to develop branded luxury spaces, Luciano Cigars, plans to expand their brand presence.

We are absolutely ecstatic with the recent lounge of the Dreamer VIP Lounge at LIT Cigar Lounge in ST Louis, MO, as well as the upcoming  launch of a Luciano Cigars-sponsored lounge at Industrial Cigars in Frisco, TX. This endeavor symbolizes the incredible partnership between our families and the future we are building together. As we venture into sponsoring  lounges, our vision is to invite our clients to experience the artistry and complexity of our cigars, bringing these spaces to life through shared experiences.”

Luciano Meirelles, President and Co-Founder of Luciano Cigars

The recent announcement of a Luciano-sponsored lounge at Industrial Cigars in Frisco, TX and the inauguration of The Dreamer VIP Lounge at LIT Cigar Lounge in St. Louis marks the first two steps of this global initiative. This partnership celebrates the shared values and commitment between Luciano Cigars and these two award-winning establishments renowned for their top-tier cigar experience and customer service. 

“It is a true privilege to join forces with Luciano Cigars in introducing the Dreamer Lounge. This collaboration signifies not only our deep connection with Luciano and his family but also our commitment to creating something extraordinary for our Industrial Cigars community.”

Dave Frakes, Co-Founder of Industrial Cigar Co.

In addition, to celebrate the Fourth Anniversary and Grand Opening of LIT Cigar Lounge’s new location, the Dreamer VIP Lounge and the exclusive Luciano blended cigar were unveiled Friday, September 29th. 

“We are truly honored to introduce ‘The Dreamer VIP Lounge,’ in conjunction with Luciano Cigars. This exclusive space is a testament to our joint commitment to offering unparalleled premium cigar experiences, catering to those who appreciate the finer things in life. We’re thankful for the relationship with Luciano and his family, and could not have picked a better partner for this incredible space.”

Bryan Snyder, Co-Founder of LIT Cigar Lounge

This expansion into Lounge Sponsorship Programs is a natural extension of Luciano Cigars’ vision and brand experience, combining tradition, craftsmanship, and forward-thinking business acumen.

“There is intention in everything we do, and we have been dreaming about ways to bring the essence of premium cigars to life for many years. I can’t wait for what’s to come!”

Luciano Meirelles, President and Co-Founder of Luciano Cigars

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