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LFD Launches Bulls Breath Bourbon

April 11, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco

Inseparable companions, cigars and whiskey have been intertwined in destiny for as long as they have shared the earth. Rich, decadent smoke flows through mesmerizing amber in a timeless ritual which undeniably exists amongst life’s greatest pleasures.

In pursuit of the perfect pairing, cigar blender Tony Gomez collaborated with Forward/Slash Distillery to craft a whiskey that would enhance the cigar-smoking experience with a dimension perhaps yet unknown. They searched for something special, something unique, a sort of “Golden Experience” abstract in nature but that would be obvious to them once they found it. And they did, after a year of dedication their love letter to cigars and whiskey was born in beautiful blend dubbed Bull’s Breath.

A distinct blend of straight bourbon whiskey finished in Amburana and Armagnac casks, Bull’s Breath is a unique experience to even the most seasoned connoisseurs.

Tony Gomez said, “We went into this with the idea to create something distinct and memorable. However, never having blended a whiskey before, I imagined all kinds of directions to take the project and flavor notes that I didn’t even know were possible but the team at Forward/Slash heard and understood and then surprised me with dimensions of whiskey I had never experienced before.”

The exclusive unveiling of Bull’s Breath was experienced by a select group of guests during “The Golden Hour,” an event hosted by The Golden Purveyors at the 2024 PCA trade show in Las Vegas where the whiskey was presented by creators Tony Gomez, Jonathan Carney, and Michael Buffa of Forward/Slash Distillery. This event not only marked the debut of Bull’s Breath but also celebrated the enduring legacy and evolving journey of whiskey and cigar culture.

FORWARD/SLASH, founded by beverage industry veterans Tim Bradstreet and Michael Buffa, was born out of their mutual appreciation for whiskey. The brand is committed to preserving the spirit industry’s heritage while embracing innovation. Bradstreet, with his extensive background in bartending and beverage direction, and Buffa, the founder of the Orlando Whiskey Society and Buffa Bittering Company, bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the venture.

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